How Are Lunch, Coffee, and Snatcher Related?

Who knows! But if you have been following Kojima on twitter today, he has had a rather curious day.


I’m having an early lunch for some reason,” was followed by, “I’m having a cappuccino with Jiro [Oishi, Kojima Production’s PR manager] for some reason.” Sounds like your everyday tweet’n, right? Then he follows these statements later with “I’ve readied a complete Snatcher set for some reason,” posting a picture of the PC engine version of Snatcher, complete with the console in the background and, for some reason, a copy of Castlevania Rondo of Blood under the copy of Snatcher.


Very curious indeed. This could mean absolutely nothing, or it could mean absolutely something. Who knows! Kojima always has a lot on his plate, literally oho-ho-ho! You can find his lunch, coffee, and Snatcher images after the jump.


(Source: andriasang)



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