Mega Man Legends 3 News Coming This Thursday

I am a huge Mega Man fan and on top of that an even bigger Mega Man Legends fan, so I have been following the Dev Blog again ever since it started back up. Recently there has been some tips on the blog that something is going down o the 21st. Some sort of big news that I can only hope is that the game is greenlit once and for all.


The Mega Man Legends Dev Blog has been doing some really cool stuff with updates on how the dev team is doing, livestreams of Mega Man Legends games, and some opportunities to contribute to different aspects of the game and give the developers feedback while they are making it. It’s a really cool way to go about designing a game and I think everyone should check it out.

3 thoughts on “Mega Man Legends 3 News Coming This Thursday”

  1. Dev Room also says a new character is being unveiled on that day — maybe it has something to do with that? But this seems like a different matter entirely, so I really do hope it’s greenlit once and for all, especially since we finally have screenshots.

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