Sony Confirms Stolen Personal Information on PSN

Usually, I don’t bother covering when a console’s network goes down. Usually it’s for such a short period of time it’s not worth posting. When PSN originally went down, I felt the same way. It wasn’t until about three of four days later (shows how often I use my PS3) that my friend pointed out to me that PSN was indeed still down.  I was still optimistic, but six days later it is still down and there are some unfortunate reports popping up on both the user and developer side.


PSN has been down, basically, due to hackers. One might be quick to point towards anonymous, who shook the stability of the service for a couple of days, but they claim not to have anything to do with the outage. It would make sense considering how unpopular their last attack was with consumers, who they wanted the support of. Unfortunately, it sounds like the hackers this time around did more than just attack the service. They stole personal information of PSN users.


As of right now Sony believes the following information were stolen from users; Name, Address, Country, E-mail Address, Birthday, and PSN username and password. Sony has yet to determine if credit card information was stolen. Although they said your security code on your card should still be safe.


PSN developers have taken a hit too. PixelJunk developer Q-Games confirmed that their finances have taken hit, but understand Sony is doing everything they can to get the service back up.  Developers behind the PSN title Mad Blocker Alpha had their title scheduled to release, but was unable to thanks to the PSN outage. Sony is supporting the developed by giving them more promotion once the service goes live again.


Sony hasn’t announced when PSN will be back up. Hopefully soon as many developers rely on the service. We’ll let you know if any information about whether credit card information was stolen comes about.


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(Pixel Junk Dev: Industry Gamer )
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7 thoughts on “Sony Confirms Stolen Personal Information on PSN”

  1. Wow, way to go hackers. You stole tons of personal information like addresses and names, in other words almost the same stuff you can get out of a phonebook. Seriously if you’re not targeting a select group of people then there’s not really a good point to hacking a network.

  2. My reactions:

    Your name // Meh
    Your address (city, state, and zip) // That kinda sucks, I’ll expect some spam
    Country // HOLY **** I’M IN THE US NOWAIIIIIII
    E-mail address // I used Spam emails
    Birthday // Good now I can get some more happy birthday messages!!
    PSN password and login name//I mean… that actually could suck…. *changes passwords for just about everything*

    I didn’t buy anything with PSN, so I don’t believe I put in a credit card to the system, you didn’t have to to make a free account did you?

  3. I like anonymous but this was just completely stupid. >.>
    Oh well, I’m not gonna worry about this too much considering I don’t have any credit card info on there, and I only had a grand total of $0.01 funded into my account.

  4. Way to go hackers, you’ve failed at hacking for info! PSN has been down for a while now, that much is obvious, what most people DON’T know, is that the forums, and the account management page have been down and you CAN’T sign into anything on there to get any information because of it.

    Basically saying, hacking for account info is pointless if you can’t get in without alerting the whole system you’re there by hacking in again while they’re snooping around.

    All I expect from this, more spam emails, spam in the post, and having to change my password on PSN when it comes back up, which isn’t a big deal in any case.

  5. Sometimes info like the stuff taken here is used as starter material to hack other services. Think about how many people use the same password for their email(which their hacker now has) and their PSN account.

  6. I’m gonna go in the same vane as abyss.
    Your name: My name is enigo montoya, you stole my info prepare to not be cahstised by me at all
    Your address (city, state, and zip): So now you know where I live, well come then, my fortifications will not only deter you but, end up killing you
    Country: tis of thee sweet land of liberty- oh this isn’t about the antional anthem
    E-mail address: Well if we do get more spam… it’s noy my problem cause rarely use it, mom however… yeesh
    Birthday: Even if they did have my birthday, they wouldn’t remember to wish me well 🙁
    PSN password and login name: Lucky for me the stuff here is much different from anything else I use

    But in all seriousness, kyle has a point. Better start changing certain things people, just to be safe.

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