Get Portal 2 for $39.99 or Less

Portal 2 just recently launched, but for some reason  retailers all around have decided to slash the price on the title. GameStop is offering the console versions for $39.99, and physical PC copies for $29.99.  Amazon is slightly undercutting this with the console versions for $34.99. Other retailers like BestBuy are marking the similar deals.


It’s hard to say whether these are temporary or permanent cut. Either way, if you’re looking for a great puzzler, $20 off or full retail price, you’ll probably get your money’s worth with Portal 2.

3 thoughts on “Get Portal 2 for $39.99 or Less”

  1. Since I pre-ordered my copy off of Amazon (which was marked down to $55 at the time), I got $20 of promotional credit, as well. Pretty much the same deal.

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