Minecraft 1.6 Trailer!

Great news everyone, fresh off the press from Mojang and on Notch’s twitter feed – we get our first trailer for 1.6 which only reveals one thing, but boy is it a big one.

Maps have been available as a modded HUD in the past, but having one craftable ingame is a big boon to the purists and those ((Myself included)) too lazy to mod the game beyond skins and looks. It’s quite a humourous way to promote it, with the recipe included straight off the bat. While any other features have been kept under wraps, Notch himself said that the fix list is over a hundred, making this possibly one of the biggest updates to the Lego homage yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen – excited? Are your blaise about the update? Or are you one of those not a fan of Minecraft?

3 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.6 Trailer!”

  1. Hmm… now I might have the guts to go more than a few hundred blocks away from my home. I’m also excited that mushrooms spread now, although it’d be cool if they grew under trees when it rained, just like real mushrooms.

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