Rumor: Nintendo’s Next Console to Lack Hard-drive

Nintendo took some heavy fire from critics and fans for not including any type of internal storage in the Wii. It looks like they haven’t taken it into account as reports coming in form Kotaku are hinting at the next console lacking a hard-drive as well. Reports say that it will instead come with a measly 8 GB of flash storage. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii’s 512 MB, but it still isn’t up with the times. There are also reports saying that their new disc format will be able to store up to 25 GB and support up to 1080i or 1080p. It seems a bit strange that they would stop at 1080i, but really 720p is all you need unless you are playing on an insanely large TV so it isn’t a huge deal. I suspect if the reports of no hard-drive are true it may be a cost issue. Considering the system may have a controller with a screen in it and possibly greater than current generation graphics. This may be a way for Nintendo to keep their consoles selling at a profit. Also as an extra note I do know that the controller image is fake.



5 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo’s Next Console to Lack Hard-drive”

  1. If nintedo is really trying to make a come back the it NEEDS a hard drive.

    Puttin this out ther to, I NEEDS BLURAY! Dvd is dead in my opinion and its only got like 3 years at the most left. There is already 2 superior disk formats, bluray and 3d bluray. Now even Bluray is getting to be a old format since there is 3d now.

  2. I doubt that’s true. From what I’ve heard so far, Nintendo really is trying to catch up in terms of power. This’d be a very dumb move on their part.

  3. What do you mean don’t need more than 720p?

    1080p looks much better than 720p and the difference is quite noticeable.

    Though maybe the lack of hard drive could mean some sort of cloud storage type thing.

    1. I agree with Kylethedarkn. Cloud storage. Easily accessed from any WiiT00 in order play your games at a friends house or access your saves. With cloud storage you could possibly play your (virtual) games on your 3DS or WiiT00 and use the same save files. With all this talk of a touchscreen controller, I wouldn’t put it across Nintendo to make it a somewhat dedicated portable system that could access the cloud storage to play games. Just saying. No one really knows right now so skies the limit at this point.

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