Rumor: PSN Back Online for Game Developers (Update)

PlayStation Network has been down for over three weeks already. And as of right now, Sony isn’t giving us any insight on when the service will be up. But we could be getting closer to the possible revival of the service. Rumor has it that PlayStation Network is already back up, but just for developers. The consumer would be the next logical step. Rumors are rumors of course, especially since it traces back to a poster on NeoGAF.


Although the rumor does seem likely. PlayStation Network was scheduled to go live last week, but Sony had to delay it. Unless there has been another major issue, I’d assume the service is likely to go live soon. Then again, we’re already near the end of this week.


PlayStation Network’s outage has had an immediate effect on digital content developers. Recent reports suggest that European retailers are now starting to feel the effects as well. The report claims increased PS3 trade-ins for 360s, a drop in PSN pre-paid card sales, and consumers shifting to Xbox 360 versions of software.


Try to make this outage not last a month, Sony.


Update: Giant Bomb’s sources also confirm the network is back online, but is currently only allowing the restoration of PSN accounts, not creation.

(Via: Game Informer)

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  1. The outage cause me to break out my gamecube

    It was my best choice out of any possible options because i’ve been playing Pikmin, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Over the Hedge, Mario Kart Double Dash, etc

    So all in all i’m excited for this news but i can wait until it’s fully up

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