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This is the first of the TSG Live: Occasionally streams that hopefully will start going. Unfortunately we still do not have access to the TSG channel to stream it so as for right now we are streaming on my personal channel here http://www.justin.tv/cosmoid. Starting out we are going to be doing sessions Bi-Weekly so the next stream will be on June 4th. Playing are Phil, AtrenXevious, Basch, Kairamek, Oneearth, Altore, and me Cosmoid. For more specific information about this weeks session and links to the archived videos check below.


This was the first week of our adventure and as expected it was full of technical difficulties. Luckily I am the king of the ghetto rig and Hashed the issues out even if I had to work it out during the stream. The session was for the most part encounters in a dungeon this week with some light roleplaying before and after. We hope to have a lot more opportunities in later sessions to actually roleplay our characters. For the record Phil is playing our Fighter Hunter, I, Cosmoid, am our Bard Barnaby Jules, AtremXevious is our Warlock, Oneearth  is an Invoker, Basch is our Cleric, and Altore is our Rogue.


Dungeons and Dragons Part 1


Dungeons and Dragons Part 2


Dungeons and Dragons Part 3


Dungeons and Dragons Part 4

4 thoughts on “TSG Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. I didn’t get to tune in, for obvious reasons, but watching Phil crack up all the time spoke volumes about how much fun you guys were having.

  2. I’m writting the next adventure with more RP in mind. A little scripting so it’s not just “he is mad” but actual made acting on my part.

    I’m also making fewer, but harder encounters and I’m targeting a more reasonable time frame. 6 hrs was a bit much. It will be fun.

  3. I swear you keep spelling my name wrong on purpose, Cos. XD
    I’m working on a writeup to get people up to speed if they think 6+ hours of video is TL;DW.

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