Want to Write for the Gaming Blog? (Deadline Passed)

The deadline has passed. We’ll be getting back to applicants shortly.


Hey guys. We’re looking to pull in some more gaming news writers for the blog!

This position is 100% voluntary, so no pay.


Duties include:
– Forming complete and understandable sentences.
– Informing our readers of the most recent gaming news.
– Citing sources.
– Understanding what a rumor is.


– Comfort with having your writing seen by thousands of people.
– Good concept of the English language.
– Ability to work well with others in a sometimes hectic work environment.
– Spare time during the week to contribute


– Working experience with WordPress.
– Interest in gaming.
– Interest and previous experience in writing original semi-professional pieces.
– Knowledge community gaming interests.


If you are interested please send us a couple of sample news clips and (if you have any) a past original content piece, as well as brief reason why you want the position, to jobs@thespeedgamers.com


The deadline is Tuesday night, May 17th.


Feel free to ask any questions!

19 thoughts on “Want to Write for the Gaming Blog? (Deadline Passed)”

  1. I wouldn’t mind working with this, definitely helps out the community, and I bet it’ll lighten the workload for you. Gimme a day or so, and I’ll have an application for you.

  2. I’m assuming by news clips, you mean type up an article or two in the email being sent? I’m sure that’s what you mean but I want to make sure before I send the email. Sounds interesting. I’m going on no sleep, so I misunderstand things.

  3. When you say available during the week, you mean just for short periods of time right? I’d love to send in an application but I’m usually busy during weekdays.

  4. While I am interested in the Original Content portion of the job, the regurgitaion of other websites content does not appeal.

    Also cosmoid tells me you are a slave driver!

  5. @Kelranox: Yeah, basically as if you were writing two news stories for us.

    @Scruff What we usually do is schedule someone to write for the day (if they’re available all that day) or if they don’t have time, schedule them for a certain period of time. It’s still a pretty lengthy period of time. Like right now Grim’s shift is 12pm-5pm, and then Cosmoid follows after that from 5pm till basically whenever he goes to sleep.

    Difference is that with our new system the news flow is just based on what will be read. So one day you could be doing one post, other day you can be doing four or five posts kind of deal.

    @Grimschild ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    @Kairamek: Yep, it’s work. We have some press resources, but then you’re just regurgitation press releases still. Well, that’s pretty much all news reporting, the regurgitation information so other people can read it. Whether it’s from other websites or not.

  6. Suggestion for future and current writers.

    It’s not horrible or even too noticeable, but I see typos fairly frequently amongst all of the current writers. Frequently enough that it detracts from the ethos of the News Blog. It’s not even grammar most of the time, it’s spelling. Come on guysssss.

    Good luck to those who’re applying. 🙂

  7. Oh also we will, if asked, give a written recommendation to any our writers to use later in their career, provided they warrant it. Obviously we’re not going to give them to people who stick around for one day and quit.

  8. I wouldn’t mind writing for the blog. But I’m only 13, and really don’t have any real “writing” experiences. So I guess I really have no chance.

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