UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US

Yes, you read that right – From the Official Nintendo Magazine UK website, the lovable pink ball is getting his own TV channel, filled with brand new episodes of Kirby’s cartoon, consisting of fifty episodes.

While this is from the UK website, this means there is no indication whether the Americans are getting the same deal as those in the UK, but the free channel – yes, free, zip to pay – will be updated twice a week, with a new episode on a Monday, then a Thursday. While the first episode will always be there, as episodes become older, they will be taken down to make way for the newer ones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally watching these –  Kirby Right Back At Ya was shown around in 2003 on a children’s channel in the UK, and distributed by 4Kids! in America.


EDIT: Turns out the episodes are Kirby: Right Back At Ya – still free, but sadly not the new episodes – thanks for rctgamer3 for giving us more info.


11 thoughts on “UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US”

  1. Too bad it’s not like PSN where I can just make a European account or something. FREE STUFF, is FREE. And I am willing to purchase free stuff because it will cost me a total of $0.

  2. I’m more than happy either way since I haven’t seen RBAY before.. Btw, is episode 38(I think) listed as unavailable for everyone else, what’s with that?

      1. It’s got something to do with Harry Potter (or Pappy Potter in the cartoon)…Dunno why the UK don’t get it, since Harry Potter is filmed in the UK.

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