Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever

See what I did there with all those numbers and letters. I am pretty clever like that, anyway, this news hit last night so I am sure many of you already know that along with the new Medic update for Team Fortress 2 the game is going free to play forever. That means anyone with a steam account can start rocket jumping and bonking away their days. Valve has shown interest in the free to play format several times and recently added a section to Steam specifically for free to play games, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It also makes perfect financial sense because TF2 has pretty much been bought by almost everyone that was going to buy it, and this way they can open the market for even more people to buy hats.

You can check out the Meet the Medic video after the jump.



5 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever”

    1. Actually, people who paid for it now have a “Premium Account,” which has all the features TF2 already had. The free players can’t hold as many items, give items, or get as many crafting blueprints. So nothing’s changed for the people who paid for the game, but now you can easily convince your friends to give the game a shot. So really, everyone wins!

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