Wii U says Hello to Wii Controllers, Games, Goodbye GameCube

While most of us agree that the Wii U is an innovative, possibly groundbreaking console that will no doubt continue making waves until its release in 2012, there’s still plenty of things we just don’t know about it yet. Some new information recently emerged regarding the use of its touchscreen controller as well as what type of disk the system will use.

Ideally, most Wii U titles would be designed around the use of only 1 of the new controllers, with the console possibly not supporting multiple of the new tablet/controller hybrids. For multiplayer, most games will recycle Wii MotionPlus Remotes with one player wielding the sought-after super-controller. At the same time, though, it is possible that use of a 3DS as a controller might be a viable substitute, according to an interview news.com.au had with Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, the Wii U will be utilizing a¬†proprietary disk format which will store 25GB, on par with a PS3’s single-layer Blu-Ray disk. Since Sony owns Blu-Ray technology, that format was out of the question and led to Nintendo creating their own. It is notable to mention that the Wii U is also compatible with all Wii titles, although they will not be scaled up to HD.

This does come with a bit of sad news, however, as it is reported that although the Wii U is backwards compatible with original Wii titles, it will not play GameCube games; meaning that our cute mini-disks are a dying breed.

(Sources: news.com.au, Nintendo Life)

18 thoughts on “Wii U says Hello to Wii Controllers, Games, Goodbye GameCube”

  1. That’s a bit odd that it uses Wii remotes. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. If this is the case for the new Smash Bros. people will have to get used to using a different controller than Gamecube (as from what I’ve seen most people use that). I personally sue the classic for Brawl so I guess that isn’t too different. Plus from what Chase Mii showed us technically five people can play. The Wii U is definitely going to bring some interesting content to us. Perhaps a virtual console on it will have Gamecube games for download…who knows?

  2. No GameCube support? But the Wii U controller has all the necessary buttons to function as a GC controller. Plus it would be so cool to play GC games on the Wii U’s controller screen.

  3. I’ve been suggesting that the Nintendo home consoles could use 3/DS’s as controllers for years now. It’s about time Nintendo stole -my- ideas for a change.

  4. im so glad i kept my gamecube and gameboy player. i dont know if ill sell the wii though for it….or if i will be getting the wii U anytime soon after it comes out. i guess ill wait and see if a new zelda title comes out, or any other games im impressed with enough do, since i am not impressed enough game-wise as of right now.

  5. All this talk about sellingyour wii leaves mw with one question: VC on the Wii U, and can you take your VC games over if it is supported? Or do you have to nrebuy them?

    1. Well, I’d imagine it would be something like what Nintendo’s doing with downloaded DSi games when someone upgrades to a 3DS:
      You download a free app from the store for your DSi, turn that on and turn on the built in transfer utility on the 3DS.

      Just replace DSi with Wii and 3DS with WiiU and you’ve got the most likely solution.

  6. Good thing i never actually sold my gamecube, seeing as their isnt a reason the keep a wii. So let me get this straight, its not just a controller theres a system as well right?

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