Xenoblade EU Release Date, NA Statement, Footage, CCP, and Correction

I know there’s been a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles posts over the last few days, but I need to make a correction. There was a mistranslation with the french website Nintendo-Master that Xenoblade Chronicles was pushed into 2012. But now we’re hearing that isn’t the case, as multiple sites confirm that the title is still launching this year. The title will go on sale September 2nd. The title will launch alongside a limited edition version that includes a red classic controller pro that matches the color of the blade the main character uses in the title.

While we’re here, there’s some more Xenoblade Chronicles info going around. After the huge explosion that was Operation Rainfall,  IGN is claiming that Nintendo of America is readying a statement regarding Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, which is set to hit either tonight or tomorrow. What that statement holds is unknown.

Also, some European footage of Xenoblade Chronicles has come out, showcasing some of the voice work for the game. Being localized in the UK, all the voices demoed have British accents. You can find the footage after the jump.



(Footage: Nintendo Everything)

4 thoughts on “Xenoblade EU Release Date, NA Statement, Footage, CCP, and Correction”

  1. What terrible, cheesy voice acting =S
    And I’m English, so it’s not that I don’t like I’m being racist or anything, but those are some terrible accents =S

    1. lol. I was wondering if they were cheesy or not. It’s hard to tell between regions. I actually kind of like them. Imo it sounds more like the dialog that is cheesy. But when it comes to voice acting, it’s hard to figure out which is the bad one.

      Or they could both be bad lol.

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