Binding of Issac Details Revealed

The new side-project coming from Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy fame sounds amazing. he revealed some details on how the rouge-like action game is going to be structured. Like most rogue-likes all of the ares are randomly generated, but the game has 6 worlds each that will most likely have it’s own unique style. The core gameplay is like a mix between an RPG and Robotron. Where you are finding items that buff your stats and are also mostly stackable which could lead to some insane stat bonuses. Each room will also have what Edmund is calling micro-puzzles that use some basic key items that will appear in rooms like bombs that you will have to use to get to the next area.

It seems very cool and it’s looking like it will be a quick PC only release on steam. He doesn’t have the price set just yet, but I don’t expect it will be very expensive.

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