More details on Save States in 3DS Ambassador Games

While we don’t have the details on what the unannounced games will be we do now know exactly what the initial releases will include. The NES games coming to us on September 1st will include very basic manuals, pass n play multiplayer, and the standard VC Suspend feature. Later when these titles go on sale for non 3DS ambassadors they will have updated manuals, wireless multiplayer between 3DS’s, and save state functionality.

I can’t say the same for the GBA games which will be incredibly bare bones. They will come with manuals, but no suspend play so you can’t just close your 3DS and go into sleep mode. You need to find a save point and exit the game before you can quit playing.


4 thoughts on “More details on Save States in 3DS Ambassador Games”

  1. I’m not too bothered by lack of sleep mode, really. I’m sure it’ll catch me off guard once or twice as I do take it for granted now, but oh well. I’m honestly impressed I get a manual, funny enough. I’d be fine with just the game and that being that.

  2. Its not that bad with no sleep mode all you need to do is pause the game turn down the volume close the ds and plug it into the charger so it wont lose battery life

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