9 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 25 “Diablo III Auction House Debate””

  1. Okay, the value of gold will be different to the value of the item. 1st to sell Gold on the auction house (or a weapon) you will have to pay a fee. This will effect the price. You can’t just buy it and sell it to make real money because the extra fees will eat your profits.

  2. If it’s a shameless cash grab that Kotick came up with, it will be a disaster. There is a reason many MMOs pushed away from these concepts. If they came up with the solutions SoE, Square, and other companies couldn’t find I will applaud them. Just remember this isn’t a new concept with a sorted history. I’ll wait and see it in action first.

  3. I kinda like the idea of debating podcasts like this, Would it be at all possible to include a community podcast that discusses the issue? 😀

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