5 thoughts on “Vlog (8-04-11) ” New Streaming Setup/Mockup””

  1. The new streaming setup looks nice. I know it’s a mockup, but one recommendation is to make the text at the bottom more clear. In my experience watching Justin TV, on the lower, more bandwidth friendly, settings the text in the TSG Pulse was difficult to read. If think it may be helpful if it could be formatted to have a bit more space between characters and/or a bigger font size.

    You may also want to increase the size of the commentator cam a bit more. However, that can be done on the fly, so if it needs to be changed it can be easily. Other than that, I think it looks nice. =D

  2. Great ideas. I already advertised at EVO2k. Make sure you get the game audio and commentator audio right with each game. That’s my only suggestion for improvements. You guys usually get that dead on. The best time to advertise events is on the weekends, pick random times of the day for one straight month. I used to host player events on MMOs.

    Really simple stuff like, “Zelda Marathon 96 hours, ALL Zelda games on December 16th! Thespeedgamers.com.” Short, simple. 3x a day. Play on curiosity.

    In MMOs I noticed people would advertise like this, “December 16th through December 19th there will be a charity event. We will be playing to win all Zelda games within 96 hours. The event is hosted on justin.tv. If you have any additional questions or just want to show up for the event. Go to http://www.thespeedgamers.com” It’s too long and they would spam this every few minutes. People would tune it out. I hope this helps.

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