Xbox360 S Models Changing Matte Finish

If you’re a person who loves to have shiny and glossy items in your house, you might not be pleased with this. Microsoft has decided to change the outer finish of their Xbox 360 models from glossy to matte.

Glossy is that beautiful, shiny finish, but has a nasty down side by getting incredibly dirty from a single touch. Finger prints and hand prints everywhere. Most people know of gloss, but what about matte? Matte is a rough and coarse finish that feels slightly weird in the hand. It’s does not reflect light, like gloss does and it doesn’t get as dirty as it’s beautiful brother.

So if you’re a person who prefers a glossy console, pick up your Xbox 360 soon because Microsoft is making and shipping out those matte bad boys within the next few weeks.

“We are actively transitioning all our Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish.  The consoles will start to arrive in stores over the coming weeks, so if you really love the idea of a glossy console don’t wait much longer. Of course, we still may offer a gloss finish on Limited Edition consoles like the upcoming Gears of War 3, but if you have your eye on a glossy black console you don’t have much time left.”


 (Source:Major Nelson)

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