3DS NES games out today

As part of the first of two waves of free games given out by Nintendo to early adopters of the 3DS before the major price drop, Nintendo released ten NES games which are now available to download from the Nintendo Eshop today. While the roster of Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong Junior, Mario and Yoshi, Wrecking Crew, Ice Climbers, Balloon Fight, NES Open Tournament, Golf and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link doesn’t contain such NES classic as M.U.L.E, River City Ransom and Solomon’s Key, it should be a good way to distract Nintendo Fans while they continue to deny Americans access to XenoStory’s Tower (or at least until the more interesting GBA games are announced, for which three still remain unknown). Instructions on how to download the games can be found in the source link and a thank you to vakamajordan for tipping us of about this.

Source: (IGN)

Thanks vakamajordan!

8 thoughts on “3DS NES games out today”

  1. Oh wow, I totally forgot about this until I read this article. I kinda wish they would have given us 5 NES games and 5 GBA games today instead of 10 NES games, oh well.

  2. Thanks again Ninty. These were available since the 31st btw got them that mornin played some Metroid. Gonna watch Britt’s Route TSG on the first Zelda again an replay that game. I did that before an beat it on the Wii once. I never have played Zelda II tho should be fun but I hear it’s hard.

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