David Cage Gives Views on Why His Games Don’t Sell in US

David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit (Depending on your region), has stated that the American marketing teams are not interested in anything that lacks guns and guts.

Cage, in a recent interview, said that as his games are not what the percieved target market likes. Heavy Rain, much like all of Cage’s games, was rather cerebral, and is more about analysing a story, and choosing the right path. Explaining his theory, he said the following:

“The games I make don’t include a gun. Very often, American marketing departments have a problem with this. They have this image of their market being gun-loving rednecks. It’s completely wrong.”

This does follow the trend, as Cage’s first two games were renamed for the US market, and it is easier to make an appealing advert for a game with lots of explosions and guns rather than an atmospheric, story-telling game. Is Cage right, or just making excuses?

(Source: Develop )

3 thoughts on “David Cage Gives Views on Why His Games Don’t Sell in US”

  1. He is, more or less, right. Some of us are the adventurous type (play puzzle games and adventure games with little or no violence at all. And just to say yes, I am part of that since I’ve played my share of adventure games, Indigo Prophecy included.) but the rest are more likely interested in the next big graphical game of guns.

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