Rumour: 3DS Circle Pad Add-On Revealed? (Update)

With the Tokyo Games Show coming up, it’s no big surprise that rumours are flying around – however, this one appears to have a lot more weight behind it than most, with a picture appearing of what seems to be the attachment for the 3DS’s second analog stick.

As seen in the picture below, the image was revealed in Famitsu this week, showing the addition being a clip on cradle that also adds some shoulder buttons. There are high hopes that this will help the 3DS against the Vita with Monster Hunter series producer Ryuji Tsujimoto stating that it is indeed a “secret weapon”

Take a look, and see for yourselves whether it’s a mock-up, or completely legit under the more banner here.

(Source: Siliconera )

Update: Kotaku has revealed a little more about the add-on, with the add on being more a cradle for the 3DS, and blocks the game slot and wireless switch, so that will be taken off to switch games every time. It’s being called ugly, and potentially one of the ugliest pieces of Nintendo Kit…What about the Virtual Boy?  Everything else seems to be unblocked though.

10 thoughts on “Rumour: 3DS Circle Pad Add-On Revealed? (Update)”

  1. no this is a horrible idea, first it looks bulkier than the original gameboy, second the shoulder buttons look impossible to get to and theres no need for a second analog stick it has a touchscreen and a gyroscope for moving the camera/aiming.

    1. For the first thing: no. I hate the gyroscope aiming on OoT 3D and how it interferes with the 3D, and if you’ve ever played the Monster Hunter series you’d recognize both 1) that the second stick is for your attacks and 2) that you usually don’t have enough time to release control of your dodge capabilities for camera control if it were moved to the touch screen.

      I’d -love- MHP3rD, but it doesn’t even need the second analog stick. The MHP series has been significantly more successful on the PSP than the home console versions and has managed to control perfectly with just a tap-and-hold camera on the L button.

  2. Hope I can get one that matches color with the blue one rather than the cradle being black no matter what. Otherwise, oh well. Wish this had been in the original design and this is an inopportune time for Nintendo to have a setback like this, which sucks. On my part, I don’t mind but I’m aware I’m not the average consumer. Hope it can pay off with some good dual stick games in the long run, though. Besides which, I would assume some games wouldn’t require it, such as my ever beloved Layton games. But we’ll see how this rolls.

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