Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get DLC, pre-order bonuses

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is on the way, but there’s been talk of download content in the works. The items will be on sale in Japan sometime after the games launch. In North America, they come as pre-order bonuses from different stores. Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop all have some delectable DLC for fans to choose from.

Amazon – Boss Monster Omega
Best Buy – Collectible Hardcover Novella
Gamestop – Serah Costume

So depending on where you choose to shop, you can pick up some if this pretty awesome stuff.

One thought on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get DLC, pre-order bonuses”

  1. ehh I’m a bit iffy on the idea of DLC for a Squeenix RPG. I mean what kind of DLC will it be, extra storylines or just equipment and such? I can’t picture it

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