New Wii Bundles Headed for US and Europe Lack Gamecube Support

Two new Wii bundles are in the works- A black Wii packed with New Super Mario Bros. and a Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack is set to launch in the US on October 23rd, and a blue Wii with the new Mario and Sonic at London 2012 Olympic Games ready to emerge in the EU with the game’s release November 18th.

While these bundles may seem exciting, being brand new smaller models, their form factor comes at a lofty cost indeed: any and all gamecube support has been removed from the system. The four controller ports and memory card slots have been stripped from this new model to afford its’ smaller size, and these new models are unable to read the older system’s mini-discs.

Pics of the new bundles after the break.


(Sources: Siliconera, 1UP)

2 thoughts on “New Wii Bundles Headed for US and Europe Lack Gamecube Support”

  1. damn ! the wii is quite small already ! No more GCN it’s sad…ohh btw how do you play super smash brawl when most of the time some people still pays it with a gamecube controller ! 🙁
    (sorry for my sh#&ty english ! :P)

    1. Easy, you go and buy an official Nintendo Classic Controller Pro! And don’t fear, because when you buy your brand new Wii-U, you’ll be able to buy multiple GameCube games off the Virtual Console!

      Yeah, this is more of a move to phase out older software and hardware if only so that they can sell you their new hardware and remakes of the software.

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