Nintendo of Europe: “Promote Xenoblade, Win Last Story or Pandora’s Tower”

With Xenoblade Chronicles being met with a smile and warm welcome into European gamers Wii’s, news that will delight the American supporters of the game, Nintendo of Europe have decided to use that as a push for the other two games that have been the focus of Operation: Rainfall.

Embracing the Let’s Play community with a competition entitled “Let’s Play Xenoblade Chronicles” , Nintendo have asked players to create a video showing something the player really enjoyed, like a sidequest or area, or something along those lines – one person wins a voucher for both Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, while the four runners up gets a choice of which one they get. The contests is for those sixteen and over, finishes on October 18th and can be found here.

The contest does show that NoE really want all three games to do well, especially with Reggie stating that they were watching Europe carefully. If the momentum keeps up, then the organisers of Operation: Rainfall may yet be claiming a success.

(Source: siliconera)

One thought on “Nintendo of Europe: “Promote Xenoblade, Win Last Story or Pandora’s Tower””

  1. I would love to do this

    =.= if Xenoblade was available to buy ANYWHERE IN EUROPE
    Most stores where I live ( in Ireland that is ) got around 30 preorders per store.

    Only one came in per game store here.

    And no more =.=

    So yes, NoE, I’d love to partake, Just please provide ample supplies of the game first =.=

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