No Online Play for Monster Hunter Tri G

Capcom’s done it again- in their campaign to garner as much hatred as possible from their fanbase through alienating them little by little, they’ve decided to remove one of the most popular features of their Monster Hunter series from the 3DS port coming soon.

As for online features for the mostly online-based RPG, the portable rendition of the Wii version will be limited to quest downloads, with the series’ defining co-op limited to local Wi-Fi only.

(Source: NintendoEverything)

4 thoughts on “No Online Play for Monster Hunter Tri G”

  1. Seriously, I don’t get what all the stink is about this. NONE of the portable games had legitimate, latent online capability. Not one. Each of them required a third-party program to simulate an ad-hoc connection across a WAN. This is no different, at all, in any way, shape, or form, excepting only that there is currently (to my knowledge) no way to simulate ad-hoc over the internet for the 3DS.

    Even better, the HD remake of MHP3rd for the PS3 -also does not have latent online play.- The PS3 version ALSO requires that third-party program.
    What is everyone complaining about?

    I get that it’s a 3DS port of a Wii game, but why is everyone acting like this is the end of the world?

    Answer me this: What other portable game has persistent wireless play? As far as I know, the only thing resembling this is Phantasy Star Portable 2.

    1. All of a sudden this isn’t letting me edit responses. By ‘persistent wireless play,’ I meant ‘persistent online play.’ Obviously there are quite a few games with persistent wireless play via ad-hoc connections.

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