No Valkyria Chronicles III for North America or Europe

In case you are still holding out for a PSP release of Valkyria Chronicles III, SEGA put to rest those hopes confirming that the lack of popularity of the platform will keep the title in Japan.

Hiroshi Seno, team manager of console sales at Sega cites high localization costs and low sales of Valkyria Chronicles II as the reason for the title not seeing a localization.

The lack of western interest in the PSP is a problem plaguing a lot of titles right now, like Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd that hasn’t shown any sign of localization.

It may not be time to give up entirely, though. While nothing is confirmed,  Seno said Sega will speak to Sony about a release on PlayStation Vita next time they meet.

(Source: GameSpot)

2 thoughts on “No Valkyria Chronicles III for North America or Europe”

  1. The PSP is practically dead in the USA, so why port physical copies of games over for it?

    For loyal fans, they should just put them up for sale on PSN, the revenue for that would be enough to cover the costs of translation without having to make UMDs, cases, boxart, or marketing, as well as prevent them from getting angry letters/e-mails from scorned fans.

    Digital distribution is inexpensive enough to prevent the cost of localization from being a barrier anymore, and with the globalization of society it’s no longer acceptable for games to only be available in certain territories.

  2. Boo. Such a shame that excellent games like Valkyria Chronicles don’t get localized because of the sales of the system it’s on. Besides, of course PSP sales are down – 3DS is already out and Vita is around the corner. Current sales don’t equal how many people actually own and are still interested in buying games for said system. Oh well, there’s always hope for a fanslation.

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