The Journal of a Khajiit in Skyrim

At this time since Friday night when I picked up the game, I have put about maybe 28 hours into The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim. After putting that much time into the game I decided it might be neat to write a journal from the point of view of my character. I made a Khajiit named C’ain and I set out to do just that. In about 30 minutes of gameplay I was left with a grand adventure to tell. It’s not exactly an article, but I thought it would be an interesting way to write about the game.

Today was an eventful day to say the least. I was caught stealing just beyond the border between the Nordic land of Skyrim and my birthplace of Morrowind. It seems only a small while ago that I escaped slavery in Morrowind only to be caught by the Imperial Guard for thievery a week later. I was almost killed, when a miraculous thing happened. A Dragon, the same ones from Nordic legend, appeared. As far as I knew they hadn’t been seen for centuries, but it certainly looked like one. I escaped with a kind Imperial soldier who showed me the way out-of-town. We quickly split ways because I did not want to be taken back into custody. I traveled to the west from the cave we came out of and happened upon a small home.

I was beseeched by Bandits, whom I quickly dealt with. In my years of slavery, I had kept alive by stealing food from my masters. I had taught myself to pick locks and it came in handy here. After entering the locked home I started to steal some food, because I was quite hungry after the journey from the border. I hear a man speaking about how he was going to poison someone and panicked. I knocked over a bucket and quickly tried to hide. He saw me while I was trying to hide and I dispatched with him.

I decided to check the downstairs for any valuable to take for myself. I heard the wind which seemed odd since I was underground. After further investigation I noticed there was a draft coming from behind the bookshelf. A button was hidden behind a beam next to the shelf. After pressing it, the shelf flung open. I started to sneak my way into the cave and accidentally knocked a bucket which then went rolling down the hill. I grabbed it to stop it from alerting my presence.

I ventured further in and continually failed to sneak. I murdered many a bandit on my way through the caves. One area was furnished similar to a dining hall. I killed them same as the others, but I found a note on them. It was from another bandit in their group planning on stealing more than his share of the treasure. I continued my murderous path until I came upon another note placed on the wall with a dagger. Apparently, the bandit’s plan didn’t go as intended. In the final room I snuck past some obvious traps meant to alert someone to my presence. I found the leader of the bandits in her bed and put at least three arrows into her before she got up to face me.

After that, she went down easily to my sword and I took the key to the treasure room that the ill-fated bandit failed to get into. I opened the door only to fall prey to a trap. I stepped on a stone plate and a wave of arrows filled the room. I backed up just in time to miss them and stepped over the pressure plate. I narrowly escape several traps only being harmed by the final trap just before the treasure. I was wounded by the spike that punctured my side, but I still made it out with the treasure. I am now resting in the home after escaping the cave. I hope to find a town and perhaps rest at an inn tomorrow.

The point of my writing this is to show how in just 30 minutes of gameplay, without cut scenes or scripted events, I had an eventful journey through a bandit cave with a decent amount of story that was all based on my player experience and optional notes that I read.

I hope to maybe write a few more of these, because I think it does a better job than me telling you how adept Skyrim is at emergent, player fueled storytelling like this.

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