Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Review

The Dragon Ball series has spawned tons of mangas, animes and video games, but this is no normal Dragon Ball Z game. The Legacy of Goku dives the series into the RPG genre, but does it come out alive?


The Legacy of Goku follows seasons 1-3 of the Dragon Ball Z anime, known as the Saiyan, Namek/Captain Ginyu and the Frieza Sagas. The three “sagas” cover the battle of the Saiyans, traveling to Planet Namek and the defeat of Frieza.

The Legacy of Goku stays true to the story pretty well, although not everything is identical to the manga or anime.


The Legacy of Goku is an action RPG title. The player takes control of our hero Son Goku, while fulfilling the story of Dragon Ball Z. The game is fairly short and can be beaten within a few hours. The game contains a level up system, which increases with experience. Experience is gained by completing quests and defeating enemies.

The character movement is slow and sluggish, physical attacks are troublesome and defeating enemies and bosses take forever. The game on its own is pretty difficult due to the slow nature and sluggish controls. Trying to make physical contact with a boss is nearly impossible without getting hit. Goku has an assortment of three moves, the Ki Blast, Solar Flare and the Kamehameha Wave, which you have to learn the latter two sometime into the game. It makes no sense, because Goku knows the Kamehameha Wave, way back in the Dragon Ball anime, when he was a child, but whatever.

In the top left of the screen is Goku’s Ki and health. If Goku’s health goes down, you can restore it with herbs and senzu beans that you find or get from quests. Goku’s Ki automatically regenerates. Players can charge up the Ki Blast to do more damage, but in the end spamming it might be the best choice. The Solar Flare freezes the enemies for a few seconds, a nice method of getting away to heal or get a direct hit. The Kamehameha Wave shoots off a beam, which is limited by its radius.

The boss battles will partake the same way, getting so much of a distance away, and firing Ki Blasts at your opponent. Sometimes they will stay in place and will move after a few shots. It’s a rinse and repeat process.

With the annoying battle system, there is an invincibility cheat code (Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A) you can enter at the intro cinematic, which will make a confirmation noise when entered. Players can then blaze through the game and not be injured, except by things like spikes.



The Legacy of Goku isn’t a game to stay away from, but it isn’t a game to be joyful about. The game has some charm, but the repetitive and sluggish gameplay really takes the fun away. The game will mostly appeal to fans of the series, and mostly stays true to the story. The Legacy of Goku series had a poor start, but the next games in the series Legacy of Goku II and Buu’s Fury improve dramatically on the first game. Trekking through the first title will reward you handsomely.

Score: 5.5
out of 10


  • Fun with cheat code
  • For fans of series


  • Repetitive and sluggish gameplay
  • Hard difficulty


10 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Review”

  1. Oh yeah, I remember this game! Still have it.
    Gotta say I agree with this review.
    Even I beat it in only a few hours and i’m really not a good gamer, but it was amusing, if a bit annoying at times.

    During the battle with Freeza, I found a spot where if you stand right there he will walk up to you, and just stand there, doing practically nothing except an occasional punch, which made him real easy to beat.

    I don’t hate the game, but don’t really love it either. The two that came after it though were amazing!

  2. Of course now it gets a bad score but when LoG first came out along with the follow up of LoG II and Buu’s Fury best DBZ games for a handheld ever! No question about that, even this one wasn’t all that bad still a good game at least a 7 imo.

  3. For a second I thought alan was writing this XD Anywho, yeah LOG is pretty repetitive and sluggish, grinding to that final level is just tedious and unneeded. But LOG 2 definitely improved on all the faults of LOG. Also this log is not the kind that rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, or over your neighbors dog. Cool review luigi, continue the rest of the series if you can.

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