OILD – 12,000 BC

Getting ever closer to the marathon! Today’s ice level is a whole ice ERA, and it’s from one of the best games of all time! It’s 12,000 BC, from Chrono Trigger!

Hey, I told you it was from one of the best games ever!

Chrono Trigger is one of the top RPGs of all time. In it you play Crono, a guy who just so happens to end up going on adventures through time with his two gal pals Marle and Lucca. His journey through time teaches him that in the year 1999, a creatured called Lavos is going to render the planet nigh uninhabitable. As you may suspect, Crono and his friends choose to do the honorable thing and go on a quest to save the entire world. During his travels, Crono befriends people (and frogs… and robots…) from different time periods, and the entire history of his world is revealed through his adventure. This game was famous for giving you the chance to defeat Lavos at any time in the storyline, and changing the ending depending on when you destroyed it. The characters are interesting and fun, the story is awesome, and the combat is wonderful. Seriously, if you’ve never played it, get yourself a copy! It holds up surprisingly well after all these years!

12,000 BC is the Ice Age for the Chrono Trigger world. However, humans can still thrive here!… sort of. See, this era proves to be a rather cruel one, as the magic-using “Enlightened Ones” have built a floating colony for themselves, leaving the magic-less “Earthbound Ones” to fend for themselves in the harsh blizzards below. Only Schala, a high-ranking Enlightened One, is kind enough to visit and help the poor humans stuck on the ground. But hey, there’s no flying continent in good ol’ 1,000 AD, so what happened? Well, you do eventually find out how these two separate groups became one, but really, if you haven’t played the game DO SO NOW! I shan’t even spoil it for you! So much so that I actually used “shan’t” in a sentence!

IT’S CHRONO! AND FROG THE FROG! AND ROBO THE ROBOT! Get the full wallpaper of this merry band HERE!

Let’s get some music, shall we? 12,000 BC doesn’t have much of a tune to it, honestly. There’s a theme to the floating civilization, but that in and of itself isn’t really an ice level. But there was a Square-Enix album that tried to holidayitize (is that a word? No? TOO BAD!) various songs from the games they’ve made, so here’s their holiday version of Wind Scene, from Chrono Trigger! Additionally, here’s Chocobo’s Happy Christmas, which appeared on the Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon soundtrack! Also, have Arctic Cavern, from Battletoads!

Remixes too! Ice Cave Dynamo is the remix of Arctic Cavern that Joshua Morse did for the OILD ’10 soundtrack! Ice Mountain Symphony is by McVaffe, and it’s of the ice mountain theme in Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts! Lastly, Light and Flakey is Heath Morris’ remix of ‘Buried in Snow,’ from Final Fantasy 7!

So, who’s going to donate to the marathon? You should! You want that fake Master Sword, don’t ya?

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