OILD – Cold Storage

Man, so many things to do before the marathon! And posting ice levels is one of them! Today’s level is from one of the first Gamecube games. It’s Cold Storage, from Luigi’s Mansion!

Cold Storage! Storage of cold things! When you think about it, it almost makes sense.

Like I said, Luigi’s Mansion is one of the first Gamecube titles. In it, Luigi is thrilled to learn that he somehow won a giant mansion! Later, he’s significantly less thrilled to learn that the mansion is overrun with ghosts. What’s more, Mario’s gone missing, and Luigi vows to find his brother, even if it means facing his apparent phobia of adorable dot-eyed ghosts. He finds a bizarre little man named E. Gadd, who gives him a device called the Poltergust 3000. This gadget allows Luigi to bust some ghosts by vaccuuming the little ghouls into the machine. And with that decidedly goofy backstory, our hero sets off!

There’s not a lot in Cold Storage, but it’s required that you visit it anyway. When you enter, you’ll instantly notice that the icy floor causes you to slide around. You’ll also notice some stoves, as well as some campfires next to a block of ice. If you use those campfires to melt the ice, you’ll release Sir Weston, a ghost dressed like an arctic explorer. Weston hates the heat, so he’ll do what any ghost would do–try to murder the guy with a special ghost-capturing vaccuum. Trying to capture this guy can get tough, since he’ll drag you around the slippery floor and drop icicles on you. However, it can be done, and once you overpower him, you’ll find a key that will let you progress!

Oh no! Look out, Luigi! Better help him out by getting the full wallpaper here!

Gee, is there any music for Mario? HMMM! Ok, so the Ice Land overworld theme is from Mario 3, but you’ll get the gist of it after about 4 seconds. Snow Mountain is played during the snowy levels of Mario 64! Freezeflame Galaxy’s ice theme plays during the frozen portions of the level in Super Mario Galaxy! Freezy Flake Galaxy’s theme is a cute holiday-ish tune in Super Mario Galaxy 2! Cold Reception in Shiver City plays in Shiver City in Paper Mario! And hey, there’s even a snowy version of Yoshi’s Athletic (a song from Yoshi’s Island) in Smash Brothers Brawl! And just because, here’s Rainbow Resort, from Kirby’s Adventure!

And yep! A remix too! Select Start did a wonderful rendition of Rainbow Resort for the OILD ’10 album, so you should check it out!

Hurry up and get those donations in to name Link in the games! I’m still holding out hope for someone to call him “by jove,” just so all the characters can talk like kooky old British explorers. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE!

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  1. The Cold Storage level from Luigi’s Mansion was one of the eeriest rooms. And the Sir Weston ghost was such a pain to capture (to get Gold Rank).

    Excellent work as usual, Ana!

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