OILD – Fort Frosty

DYYYIIINNNGGG ugh how long am I going to feel sick? :< Anyway, it’s Obligatory Ice Level Eve! I hope you all are doing well and having fun! Today’s level is incredibly stupid, which is exactly why I included it. It’s Fort Frosty, from ClayFighter!

 Jeez, ClayFighter. The idea could have been neat, and yet…

See, ClayFighter was one of the first SILLY fighting games. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat dictated that all fighting games be serious, and that they should only star ridiculous karate men battling in some weird martial arts dimension-thing. ClayFighter decided to be goofy instead, which would have been fun, but they forgot they had to be FUNNY when making their game. The plot was simple: a giant meteor smashed into a mostly-abandoned circus, thus turning the few people (and things) there into insane clay beasts. It starred weird stop-motion characters such as BLUE SUEDE GOO, the clay Elvis. Because kids love Elvis jokes, right? Or what about Tiny the strongman? See, it’s funny because he’s not tiny at all! And of course Taffy, the living piece of Taffy. The game was clunky and boring, but that didn’t stop anyone from making two sequels. The Nintendo 64 game, ClayFighter 63 1/3 (GET IT) wasn’t much better. Before it was released, there were tons of promises of amazing new gameplay features. Fantastic animation! Characters could merge with one another to create crazy clay monstrosities! Full 3-D backgrounds that you could smash through! Yeah, none of that really saw the light of day.

Fort Frosty was the lair of the game’s flagship character, Bad Mister Frosty. Frosty was an evil… or maybe just hardcore?… snowman. Which is… kind of zany I guess. The stage appears in all of the games, albeit with different designs. In all versions, it’s a castle-like structure surrounded with ice and snow. Bad Mister Frosty himself was kind of a weird running joke for me and my brother. See, every weekend we would rent a game, but we never wanted to come back empty-handed. And for some crazy reason, ClayFighter 63 1/3 was never checked out! Can’t imagine why. So if we couldn’t find anything, we’d rent that. We weren’t even sure why, since we didn’t like it that much. But one thing that stood out about the game was the voice acting. The creators thought it was HILARIOUS to make each character yell out something stupid every time they did an action. Bad Mister Frosty had a punch wherein his little top hat would raise up, revealing a tiny snowman underneath, and the tiny snowman would punch with a gigantic fist. And every time this happened, Frosty would growl out “GET ‘IM LIL’ BUDDY!!” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So the fights usually devolved into us mashing the buttons over and over to see how annoying we could be. GET ‘IM LIL B–GET–GET ‘IM–GET ‘IM LIL–GET… etc. etc. etc.

And since Obligatory Ice Level Day is not meant to be serious at all, let us celebrate this annoying character from this annoying game!  Back when I was just doing OILD posts on my blog, I even made a stupid picture based on this ridiculousness. And then I did it again!


And… ok I’m going to throw in extra music here. Fort Frosty from the original ClayFighter is just… yeah. And Frosty’s Workshop from ClayFighhter 2 is… uh, yeah. And Frozen Fortress is… ok, well it’s BETTER, at least. Ok so let’s get some AWESOME music, alright? Northern Country Kamui is from Okami, as is Wep’Keer. And Dreams Dreams ~ Sweet Snow is from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams! It is indeed very sweet ;_;

And some good remixes to counteract all this weirdness! Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer) is a remix of Winter Sleep from Christmas NiGHTS, and it’s by Level 99! And MerryLittleChristmas is a remix of Dream Bells, and it’s by Dale North!

Again, I hope you all are having fun! For me, I’m going back to bed 8(

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