OILD – Ice Area

The fourth day of OILD is upon us. HOORAY! Have you visited the OILD ’11 Facebook page? You should! And have you been playing Fantasy Kingdoms? You’d better be! What if I told you some upcoming items were drawn by me? Clearly that in and of itself is a selling point. And yes, I promise they’re not hideous rainbow nightmares like I usually draw. You can actually tell what the items are supposed to be in FK! Anyway, let’s look at an ice level from a nifty little indie game. It’s the Ice Area, from Spelunky!

Ah, the Ice Area. It’s got some familiar enemies in it… though not all of them are the kinds of things you’d expect from an ice level.

Spelunky is an independently-developed platformer that bears a resemblence to the old Spelunker game for the NES. You play an unnamed adventurer who has but one mission; get to the end of each area and get some treasure. Okay, maybe that counts as two missions. Oh, and sometimes rescue some trapped damsels in distress. Ok, three missions! And to find hidden areas… ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, BRO’S GOT BUT FOUR MISSIONS. The levels are randomly generated, so each playthrough is different. The game is broken up into several “areas,” which have distinct looks, obstacles, and enemies.

The Ice Area is the third area of the game. And guess what? There’s a bunch of slippery ice in it! Didn’t see that one coming, didya? However, unlike a lot of games, you can actually equip some boots to retain your traction. And guess what else? The level has YETIS. Oh good ol’ yetis. I’m glad they didn’t retire after taking over TSG’s blog last year. You know what else? There are ALIENS! Yeah, th–wait, aliens? okay, that’s definitely not standard. These aliens ride around in flying saucers, and beating them will cause them to crash and explode, which may very well take you out with them. One of the big enemies here is the Yeti King. When he shows up, he’ll try to roar at you and drop ice blocks on you. The other big enemy here is… a giant alien. SURE WHY NOT. The alien attacks you from behind a shield though, so be careful!

Yeti Kings go RARARARARARAAARRRR–oh yeah, full wallpaper’s here!

RARARAR–MUSIC! Spelunky’s Ice Area theme is simply titled Ice, and it’s pretty fun if you’re into old-school chiptunes! And here we have Snowhorn Wastes, a catchy tuneĀ  from Star Fox Adventures! And naturally, here’s Frost Man’s theme from Mega Man 8!

RAAAARAAARRREEEMIXES! Naturally, we have Frost Bossa, Joshua’s Morse’s cool, lovely remix of Frost Man’s theme for the OILD ’09 soundtrack! It’s worth a download, of course. And in honor of this yeti-filled stage, let’s have Umaro Uematsu, Quinn Fox’s remix of Umaro’s theme from Final Fantasy 6!

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