OILD – Ice Edge

More ice levels?! OF COURSE MORE ICE LEVELS! Today’s level is one of my favorite series ever. It’s Ice Edge, from Viewtiful Joe 2!

You know it, Ice Edge! It’s a pretty fun stage.

Viewtiful Joe 2 directly follows the events of Viewtiful Joe. See, Joe was just a regular fan of movies and superheroes, until one day he found himself INSIDE his favorite movie series. Armed with a special “V-Watch,” he’s able to transform into his own brand of sentai hero… Viewtiful Joe! These are some of my favorite games ever, so I’m happy to finally cover this stage.

Ice Edge is considered the “polar movie” of the game, which is a little weird since that’s not exactly a genre or anything, but whatever. The level kicks off with Joe and Silvia fighting off the forces of evil in a huge, snowy forest. Did I mention they eventually have to deal with endless avalanches? Because they do. Naturally, the most logical course of action is to find a huge platform made of ice. Why? To get the UFO that’s flying around the top of it! Duh! After that, we of course get to the giant fight scene on top of a ski lift. Of course. Then it’s off to the frozen ocean, where Joe and Silvia use their trust Six Machine robot/vehicle to explore the sub-zero waters. After that is a BOSS BATTLE, but not just any boss! It’s the fearsome Frost Tiger, a smilodon-esque beast with fangs of ice, freezing breath, and a haiku in his heart. Frost Tiger mainly wishes to challenge Joe and Silvia for the sake of testing their strength, but it’s a pretty elaborate test. I mean he shoots ice shards at you, slashes at you, throws snowballs… he’s got quite an arsenal of moves there. Proving yourself will allow Joe to go on.

CAST ASIDE YOUR DESIRES, AND FIGHT! You can get the full wallpaper RIGHT HERE, BABY!

¬†You knew this was coming. The music! Ice Edge is of course the theme to this stage. And Blizzard Hazard is Frost Tiger’s intense theme. Also, here’s People of the North Pole, the theme to Mt. Gagazet, from Final Fantasy X!

And you knew the remixes were coming too! Rondo Sanctuary is a great remix of People of the North Pole, and Joshua Morse did it for our OILD ’10 soundtrack! Additionally, here’s Journey’s End by¬†GrayLightning, Jillian Aversa, and sephfire! Twilight of Ivory is by Palpable! And White Skies is by bLiNd! So here you have four great remixes of People of the North Pole! Aren’t you lucky?

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