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Ok, second day of Obligatory Ice Level Day, so let’s keep going! Don’t forget to spread the word about the Zelda marathon! Anyway, today we look at a level from a classic Playstation game from a well-loved franchise. It’s Icy Peak, from Spyro: Year of the Dragon!

Yeah that’s it! Icy Peak is a pretty cute little level.

Year of the Dragon is the third Spyro game, and the last one released for the Playstation. During the Year of the Dragon, new dragon eggs are brought into Spyro’s realm, but a bunny named Bianca shows up and steals all the eggs for the Sorceress, the main villain of the game. Spyro and his friend Sparx the dragonfly then set out to recover all of the eggs before the Sorceress can finish her evil plot. The game centered around 3-d action, and Spyro had his usual fire and gliding abilities to help him defeat the Rhynocs, the Sorceress’ army of weird rhino-monsters.

Icy Peak is located in Midday Gardens and it’s full of freezing water, snow, and a bunch of domed buildings. Spyro quickly encounters Bob, a dot-eyed polar bear who has an obvious Canadian accent. Bob explains that some of the Rhynocs are causing him some problems, as they’re blocking the way to his friend Doug. Hmm, Bob and Doug, you say? OH GEE, I WONDER WHO THOSE TWO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. If you pay off Moneybags the bear, you can also help an ice skating polar bear named Nancy complete her routine by defeating all the Rhynocs that try to stop her. There are also huge cannons that you can use to destroy thick ice walls, and Spyro even has a separate “skating” animation when he’s on the frozen lakes! Aww, how cute! ^_^

And of course, today’s wallpaper! Spyro seems so happy to be flying around the stage, huh? You can get the full wallpaper here!

And where would we be without music, right? Icy Peak is naturally the theme of Icy Peak. And Icy Peak Skating plays during your silly escort mission where you protect the ice skating polar bear from rhino-monsters! Yeah, that’s a sentence that just happened. And hey, let’s have the theme to the NES game Ice Climber too, because why not? Additionally, Icicle Mountain from Smash Brothers Melee and The Summit from Smash Brothers Brawl both revive this classic tune!

Sure, why not have a remix as well? Snow Cone Heaven is by Mazedude, and he did an awesome job with this theme!

I think the old OILD Facebook page is still up, so why not pay it a visit and enjoy yourself? Additionally, if you want to get a remix in this week, hurry up and get it to me so I can share it with the world! You shall be honored for all eternity.

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  1. Great game and a great ice level, my favourite part is the fact that you can get the second thief in the speed boost track first while he’s standing on the pedestal.

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