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Hey again! You all are spreading the word about our marathon on the 16th, right? We’ll be playing for Rockin’ H Ranch, and it’s going to… well… ROCK. Also you all need to get on over to the OILD ’11 Facebook page, not to mention play some Fantasy Kingdoms! Today’s level has it all; a snowy nation, frozen caves, and an ice dragon! It’s Northwall, from Actraiser!

Northwall! Northwall’s from one of my favorite SNES games growing up.

ActRaiser was an old SNES RPG, and a rather fun one at that. You played the part of a benevolent diety who wanted to see humanity thrive all over the planet. However, the evil Tanzra sought to destroy the world and sew evil in the hearts of humans. The kind god awakens to help his people in various ways. Half the game involved building up humanity’s towns by making the land fertile, destroying monster nests, and giving the people the things they needed to survive. The other half involved action scenes, wherein you took the form of a holy warrior and destroyed the demons that plagued the land.

Northwall is the last area of the game before the final showdown against Tanzra. The land is covered in snow, and guess which all-powerful being has to clear it out for the humans! However, the weather is still rather unforgiving even after you’ve melted the snow, so you need to get Sheep’s Fleece from the nation of Aitos in order to keep the citizens of Northwall (Northwallians? Northwallites? Northwallese?) warm in this chilly land. The action stages take you through a snowy hillside and into a frosted cavern, where you then fight an Incubus that has a humanoid upper half but no legs for some reason. Oh and he has bat wings because yeah ok sure. The next action sequence takes place in a frozen tree that may or may not be full of intestines or bronchial tubes or SOME kind of internal organ. The end of the action stage pits you against the Ice Wyvern, which loves to dive-bomb you and hit you with icy attacks. After you beat him, it’s off to destroy Tanzra once and for all.

TAKE THAT, WYVERN! See the epic battle in all its glory here!

And now for some music! Northwall of course gets its own theme! And now for no reason all, here’s Snow Land from Street Fighter III: Third Strike! Sure, you don’t SEE any snow in that stage, but it’s in Russia so I think it’s assumed there is snow somewhere in the vicinity…

What? Remixes? OF COURSE! Conquering the North Wall is a Northwall remix by Amaranthine Skies, for the monthly Dwelling of Duels competition. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll find it! The theme was “Fire vs Ice,” so there are a ton of ice level tuns there too! And naturally, here’s Select Start’s awesome rendition of Route 216 from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, made for our very own OILD ’09 Soundtrack! Just get the whole dang thing while you’re at it!

Tomorrow’s the last day to get your ice level remixes in for the OILD ’11 soundtrack! Will it happen?! I HOPE SO! Just e-mail me the .mp3 and some info (source material, how you’d like to be credited, etc.) at jazaaboo @ gmail . com and show me what you got

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