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MAN WHAT A MARATHON, HUH?! Raised nearly $20,000 for a great cause, saw some awesome runs, sang horrible music, gave out some wonderful prizes, gifted some fantastic indie games, decorated a ginormous paper tree, told funny stories, and I got to shove cold pizza down the back of Britt’s shirt! All in all, it was a great show. Sorry for not putting in more of an appearance, but this stomach virus is still dissolving my insides D: I SHALL PULL THROUGH, THOUGH! Thanks to everyone who donated, promoted, and watched! I hope you all come back for our next marathon!

Anyway, here’s the next ice level for Obligatory Ice Level Day. It’s cute! It’s fun! It’s The Ice World, from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos!

Aww, Croc! Now, you might be thinking “what? Isn’t this just another animal mascot?” Well… kind of, but Croc has one thing a lot of video game animal mascots don’t have: PERSONALITY. Seriously, check out this intro video and be wowed at how utterly adorable this game is.

As you may have been able to gather from that video, Croc is about a croc! Named Croc! As a hatchling, Croc was left in a basket that was sent floating on the water. Fortunately for him, the basket was found by the Gobbos. What are Gobbos? Well, they’re cute little monsters! And you know what else? THEY’RE FUZZY AND SQUISHY! YAAAYYY! The little fuzzy, squishy creatures raise him as one of their own, and all is well… that is, until the evil King Dante shows up with his Dantini minions. Dante kidnaps all the Gobbos, and Croc figures he needs to save his adoptive family in what is clearly the most adorable way possible.

The Ice World is pretty big, and it’s got all that lovely Ice Level greatness! Slippery floors, jingle bells music, things that I think are yetis but I’m not sure… ALL THAT STUFF! It also apparently has snowball-tossing Dantinis that have ridiculously powerful senses, as their snowball sniping abilities border on the supernatural. Don’t worry though! It also has SQUISHY PENGUINS that hop out of the chilly water! Mind you, they do it to attack poor Croc, but still! SQUISHY! Awww ^_^

Aww! HI CROC! HIIII! Get the sweet little crocodile and penguin wallpaper HERE!

HI MUSIC! HIIII! Croc’s ice level music is a little weird, in that it has icy remixes of the rest of the game’s music. So here are Clouds of Ice, The Ice of Life, Snow Island, Say No Snow! If you guessed this music would be ADORABLE, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME… you’d be right.

And yes! Remixes! Retro Remix Revue did a great mix of Iceberg from Kirby’s Dreamland 3, though it’s on a CD of theirs, and you should definitely buy it! And Ice Mountain Symphony is a remix of the Ice Forest in Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, and it’s by McVaffe!

Thanks again for everyone’s participation! You made this one of the best marathons in TSG’s history! Here’s to another year of great charity work! CAN I GET A ‘WHOA TSG’??

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