OILD – Valley of Repose

Another day, another ice level! Now, I’m suuure all of you have visited the OILD ’11 Facebook page AND given our Fantasy Kingdoms buddies the due attention they deserve, riiight? Of course you have. I mean, you’re not a raving lunatic, after all! Anyway, today we have a SPECIAL GUEST helping out! Who could it be? Well, read on about today’s ice level and find out! It’s the Valley of Repose, from Pikmin 2!

Aww, so cute! I really love Pikmin 2, so I snapped up this suggestion in no time!

The Pikmin games are quirky little titles that focus on, what else? Adorable little monsters called “Pikmin.” Pikmin are tiny, nearly defenseless creatures that are definitely at the bottom of the food chain. Captain Olimar, an interstellar explorer who’s basically a downtrodden Japanese salaryman, changed all that. He crash-landed into the Pikmin’s world and the little guys instantly took a shine to him. With their help, Olimar is able to retrieve the parts of his ship or even strange “treasures” for his company, and in exchange, Olimar unwittingly taught the Pikmin how to fight off the hordes of hungry predators that roam their planet. The Pikmin games are really neat in that they try to give you insight into its silly, cartoon ecosystem. You get to learn not just about the titular animals, but the habits and behaviors of their many predators as well.

The Valley of Repose is the very first area in Pikmin 2, and it’s covered in snow! How pretty! The level starts out as kind of a tutorial, teaching you how to order Pikmin to do your bidding. However, there’s more to the level after you’ve mastered the basics! Using your Pikmin’s help, you can gather such fascinating treasures as the “Courage Reactor” (a Duracell battery), “Pink Menace,” (a plastic ring with a pink heart), and the “Fossilized Ursidae,” (a bear statue). However, it’s not a total cake piece! The valley and its many caves are home to such beasts as the Burrowing Snagret, which has a snake-like body and egret-like head, the Decorated Cannon Beetle, which shoots deadly boulders from its face, and of course, the HAIRY BULBORB. What’s a “Hairy Bulborb”? It’s like a regular Bulborb, but hairy! Duh!

Did I not warn you about the Hairy Bulborbs? Try not to get devoured when you get the full wallpaper here!

OH BUT WHAT’S THIS? WHAT’S THIS??? Could it be a BONUS WALLPAPER? It is! My good buddy Zarla made this delightful Pikmin-themed wallpaper, based on our characters from Respect A Woman. BLESS YOU, ZAR! BLAR! Get the full wallpaper here!

Man, what a great day. What could make it even better? That’s right! MUSIC! Valley of Repose is of course the theme to today’s stage. And if you’re in the mood for more soothing ice level tunes, how about A Wish and Eight Ringing Bells from Secret of Mana?

And what’s more, we got remixes! Secret of Spram (8 Bells Remix) is an Eight Ringing Bells remix by JAXX, Kassi, and Mustin! And of course, I got to mention Select Start’s heartbreakingly sweet rendition of A Wish, which they did for the OILD ’09 soundtrack! It’s just way too pretty, folks!

And speaking of pretty remixes, get those remixes in soon! You have until Thursday to get them into the soundtrack this year, so hop to it!

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