OILD – Winter Kingdoms

Yep, it’s the first day of Obligatory Ice Level Day! Who’s ready? I am! Today we’re going to look a rather special game. How is it special? Well, read on! Today it’s the Winter Kingdoms, from Fantasy Kingdoms!

Yep! Fantasy Kingdoms is FULL of wintery items! And you’re more than welcome to create your own ice level in this game!

“Wait, a Facebook game?” you may ask, “You’ve never posted about a Facebook game before! What’s up?”

Well you’re right! I should explain. I would like to officially announce that TheSpeedGamers have made some new friends in the Fantasy Kingdoms team! The FK crew is full of fun and awesome people. A few of them had even already heard of us! When they heard about TSG and what we do, they immediately wanted to get in on the fun. I won’t give a lot away, but expect to see more of them in the future! Welcome these fine folks, will you?

Anyway, Marshall Adair from the Fantasy Kingdoms team described the game as: “Fantasy Kingdoms is Free-to-Play game on Facebook that gives players the chance to build custom magical Kingdoms, plant enchanting crops, and create a fantasy world of their own!”

And it’s true! There is a TON of art in there. As you can see in the screenshot, you can make some craaazy little kingdoms in the game! You should try it out. After all, we already know these people are rad! Might as well show your support, right?

Mr. Adair also said about the winter items: ” Winter themed Fantasy Kingdoms items allow for players to create a magical winter wonderland with. everything from Ice Castles to snow-covered forests.  The Winter item set is out NOW and there are tons of magical Holiday goodies and decorations as well, to create your perfect Ice Kingdom!”

So go for it! They have screenshot contests and their community’s pretty fun! Let’s get some TSG folks into their wonderful group!

WHOOH BOY! Our first wallpaper! To commemorate this newfound partnership, here’s Harmony from Fantasy Kingdoms greeting Wilhelm and Zee, TSG’s unofficial “mascots” of sorts. This is the start of a beautiful friendship! Get the whole thing here!

And now, time for some nice ice level tunes! Winterbliss is the snow land’s theme from Castle Crashers! And Glacial Fortress is from Omega Five!

Naturally, we need a remix to go with that! Neon Glaciers is a great, catchy remix of Glacial Fortress, and it’s by Mattias Häggström Gerdt! I had this remix stuck in my head for so long after I first heard it. Please let this tune burrow into your brain too!

Also, please check out the OILD ’10 and OILD ’09 pages to get the past OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY soundtracks! They’re full of awesome remixes by Posu Yan, DCT, Joshua Morse, and Select Start!

This year my money gone done left me, so I couldn’t afford to commission remixes this year, but it’s not too late for an Ace Attorney-style TURNABOUT, right? If you can get me a remix within the week, I can try to upload a soundtrack this year. Send track info, info on the source material, and how you would like to be credited and if you have any site/project to plug to: jazaaboo @ gmail . com  ALSO please comment that you’ve done so on this post! If we can make it happen, sweet!

And don’t forget to spread the word about The Speed Gamers’ Zelda marathon! It’s December 16-19! Let us know if you’ve promoted us! Also stop by the forums and post about what you’ve done to spread cheer this year! YAY!

Also, if someone makes an OILD Facebook page like last time, let me know! Or are we reusing the one from last year? Someone fill me in on this please, since I wasn’t the one who made it last year 😛 Anyway my point is that the Facebook page will be a pretty useful tool given our new FK buddies, so someone get on that if you please! YAY AGAIN!

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