OILD – Winterhorn Ridge

HI MY STOMACH IS STILL REBELLING AGAINST ME but do I care? PSSHH NOPE! I care about ice levels! And that’s what I’m going to post about! Today’s level comes from one of the most beautiful 2-D games ever! It’s Winterhorn Ridge, from Odin Sphere!

Odin Sphere’s so pretty! I knew I had to do this level when someone suggested it to me. Plus it had monsters! YAY!

Anyway, Odin Sphere is a 2-D game where you travel on a circular “arena” and basically beat up a ton of enemies every other room. The overall plot follows several characters’ journeys through the land of Erion. The land is divided up into many different regions, each one with its own weird fantasy population. Each nation struggles to maintain power, which in turn leads to some ridiculous political infighting between a lot of bizarre magical races, which in turn leads to ridiculous fistfighting in the aforementioned circular maps. Also sometimes people turn into rabbits. Yeah, ok!

Winterhorn Ridge is a harsh environment, largely made up of steep mountains and endless blizzards. A lot of snow trolls make their home here, as do a lot of griffons. And guess how much they want to kill you! If you guessed “VERY MUCH A LOT,” then you’re quite right. This region is also home to the last of the dragons, and really the only time this place is important is when someone comes here to find one of them. However, there is something unusual about Winterhorn Ridge, even for an ice level. Typically, ice levels don’t really take the extreme cold into consideration. Walking around in sub-zero temperatures seems to be perfectly fine, just like how walking right next to lava seems to not be a problem. But Winterhorn Ridge is different. See, mixing potions is a huge part of this game, and one of the potions you can make is called “Warmer.” Usually it’s useless, but here it’s essential; if you don’t drink a Warmer potion in every area of this region, you’ll slowly lose health and eventually freeze to death. What’s that? You mean frolicking in the FREEZING COLD is actually bad for you? WHO KNEW?

Is it cold out here, or is it just me?? Anyway, get the full wallpaper HERE!

And of course we have some awesome music! I mean it’s Odin Sphere after all! Battle on the Snowy Mountain and Battle on the Snowy Mountain ~ Second are both from this weird little game!

Yeah! A remix! Braincooler is a great remix of Chill Penguin’s stage from Mega Man X, and it’s by Rozovian!

We’re getting closer to Obligatory Ice Level Day! What will the last day be? And what crazy internet present will I bestow on you that day?? WAIT AND SEE, MY FRIENDS!

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