Why I Like: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most hated Final Fantasy games in quite a long time also happens to be my favorite one. Recently I was thinking about Final Fantasy games and which one I would say that I liked the most, and I kept coming back to Final Fantasy XIII for some reason. Keep in mind I have only ever played  the original, II and VII through XIII, but still, in my experience, Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite.  I wanted to take this chance to really dig into the aspects that make me enjoy the game so much.

The Battle System

The Battle System is an issue for a lot of people, because it elects to pretty much eliminate micro-management from the battles. It instead adds the Paradigm system where you set up class combinations that you can switch between mid-battle. A majority of the game comes in choosing who to attack when and being able to switch between paradigms well. As a person who plays a lot of JRPGs, I found it to be a refreshing take on the genre. Rather than worrying about potions and how much mana I have left I can just work on figuring out the puzzle style battles.

The Story

Another complaint I saw a lot was how confusing the story was, which I have to agree the structure of the main plot makes it difficult to follow the details of the world building. I had to read the data log entries about that stuff to fully understand what the Fal’cie and L’cie were. Once I did, I really thought the structure was interesting. The story was still full of a lot of the melodrama that comes with all Final Fantasy games, but I really liked that some the characters changed throughout the plot, such as Hope, Lightning, and Sahz.

The World

I love the idea of gods being very real and physical beings in the world. Very directly the sun of cocoon is a Fal’Cie that emits light and warmth to allow them to live. The different Fal’Cie provides them with power, food, and other essentials of life. The Fal’Cie factions of Pulse and Cocoon are constantly at war and are using the humans, that they allow to live, to protect themselves and fight their wars for them. If you are made an L’Cie by a Fal’Cie, you are given no choice but to do their nebulous bidding and complete your focus or fail and become a constantly wandering Cie’th. If you manage to complete your focus, you are turned into crystal and given “Eternal Life”.

Overall, I think that Final Fantasy XIII offers something new and interesting on all three of these fronts. A different style of battle that feels much different from previous entries and the other JRPGs that are coming out now even. The story was structured interestingly using flash backs throughout a constant adventure to tell the story and while not explicitly explained the world is very cool.

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    1. That’s real constructive there man. How about you leave the dude alone, his opinion can be whatever he wants.

      I personally do not agree with what he wrote, because to me FF13 is not fun, because the story is very confusing as he mentioned and I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to find out what I’m not getting in a games story.

      My other issue is the combat system. Its sort of like the one from FFX-2, only you only control one person. I didn’t even like X-2’s battle system because invariably after you beat the Behemoths and big boss in Zanarkand the first time the game becomes a oh I’ll just mash the attack button game. FF13 became a I’ll just mash one button game almost the whole time. Aside from having to do a change once every once in a while dependant on what’s going on, I just held the controller to my head and mashed X while talking with my family. That is not a game. That to me is like playing guitar hero or rock band on the easiest setting where you just have to hit any note on the guitar and not have to really try. What is the point to that?

      I will give FF13 this, on the ps3 it is incredibly pretty. Almost to the point of distraction in some parts. That managed to hold me in for about 18 hours, but I lost interest near what I’m told was the good part of the game.

  1. Oh yay, I’m not alone in considering this a really good Final Fantasy game! I still prefer FFXII, FFTactics, FFVIII, and FFX more than this game, but FFXIII is a wonderful game for those with an open mindset.

      1. I’d call it one of the easiest myself, only one that was easier would be FFX-2. I had more difficulty playing FF4/5/6 and tactics my first times through those.

  2. I haven’t played XIII myself, but I was playing X alongside the release of XIII and, honestly, all the complaints I heard for XIII you could apply to… and people love X, so I don’t know. I want to get XIII eventually, but I have enough RPGs on my plate as is. I need to power through some of these first.

  3. Having played all the FF games bar V and VI I also admit to liking XIII a lot. Much like you I liked the battle system a lot. It required more thinking and reflexes then the other games. The story itself takes a little more understanding but the game offers an ingame dictionary (which few people care to read on). Most people are just nostalgic and ignorant for anything new in the FF series. I hope future games offer the simular experience because this game rocks! If people wonna complain, it should be on FF XII.

  4. I can’t agree with this in any respect. Sure, it was a new take on the series that Square decided to try, but the game was NOT hard at all; it played itself. The battle system was ridiculous and only managed to make every character seem generic with no special skills of their own. Plus, the weapon configuration was absolutely HORRID.

    The story was told very badly, and above all, it was extremely boring. The characters were basically cardboard cut-outs. You couldn’t get on their same level; they were barely human.

    You could argue that the world was the most interesting concept, and that isn’t even considering the gods. What about Cocoon and Gran Pulse? Beautiful landscapes that you could barely explore due to the storyline being so linear. The concept of gods and whatnot is all well and good, but by the end of that game, you just didn’t CARE.

    Now, I can argue that I liked XII, but I completely understand why people hate it. I don’t think XII is the worst Final Fantasy, though. Yes, the battle system is really, REALLY bad, and in comparison it played itself also. Yet I think that XII is one of the hardest Final Fantasy games. This is mainly because it encompassed a lot of level grinding since the game leveled above you. In respect, I consider it rather difficult and got stuck on many occasions. Even the weapon and skill system in XII (those license grids) also made each character generic with no skills of their own (except maybe the summons, but who used those?), so it shares similarities with XIII on that count. Yet the one thing that I believed was a throwback to the old Final Fantasy games was its story. I felt that XII had a very good story, and despite the generic feel of battle, very well developed characters (maybe not Penelo, but that’s up for debate, I suppose). You could explore the many places you traveled to, and the story was straightforward and I didn’t have to spend time reading diary entries to figure out what was going on. -.-

    Having played all of the Final Fantasy games minus XI and II, I can NOT agree with your sentiment about XIII. I just can’t. I think it is, by far, the worst FF game to ever leave Square’s company (and this is including XI and XIV). It’s just BAD. Sure, it’s really pretty, but it is boring. And by the time Fang got into my party, I just couldn’t be bothered. I played that game like a zombie, really, just for the sake of nostalgia.

  5. No just no. I just played through FF 13 for the first time and i have to say its even worse than 12 which was my absolute hate ff since i played through all expect 5 and 6 . First of all the good point for ths game was they try to experiment with mechanics which is quite nice but in the end they turned out rly bad. Okay i can overlock over battle systems in any games since most of em are pretty same nad dont matter at all for me but even 12 had better battle system.The worst part is, which killed the game totally was this linear gamestyle. you freakin cant explore. After playing through almost whole game you get to explore for some hunts till some part where you just cant go on since you neither got access on your full board *spoilers* which is unlocked after completing the game * spoiler ends* nor are they interesting cause most of them are very easy to kill. Well after breaking ff 2 which is imo the easiest ff to break. i have to say this takes the 2nd place in easiest FF out there.

    FF 13 + exploring + sidequests maybe epic win.

    Besides FF 13 seems like the zelda mm most hate it cuz of that 3 day time thingy. The story in FF 13 does the same, it “limits your time” cuz you areturning into cieth if you dont complete your focus . SO the reason for FF 13 to fail is the best thing it features the story.

    greetings hope for they doing some pretty neat FF Over 9000 or w/e

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