Zelda Marathon Begins December 16th in Support of Rocking H Ranch

We will begin our 25th gaming marathon on December 16th starting at 6pm central. My personal favorite franchise The Legend of Zelda will be played for 72 hours around the clock. The event  is in support of Rocking H Ranch charities. The charities are Paws for Reflection Ranch, Tara Sawyer Foundation, Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation. For more information on the charities you can go here: http://www.rockingh.net/Rocking_H_Ranch/Charities.html . You can view the entire marathon from our homepage, www.TheSpeedGamers.com

Our goal will be to raise $15,000 in 72 hours. If we reach our goal by 6pm central on December 19th, we will extend the event by 24 hours. We have raised approximately $290,000 for various causes since our inception in March of 2008.

We have had many great prize donations that will be given away over the course of the marathon. Everything from Master sword/shield and Ocarina replicas to boxed copies of A Link to the Past. I will post a full list of our prizes soon a long with a youtube video detailing the goods.

Unfamiliar with TheSpeedGamers?  Watch this news clip explaining what we do: http://bit.ly/sRPrGE

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