Zelda Marathon Schedule

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Commentary schedule is somewhat tentative. I still need to confirm some of the commentators for their times.


Friday- Britt Zelda 1 6p-7p

Friday- Britt Zelda 2 7p-10p

Friday/Saturday- Baltes Links awakening 10p-1a

Saturday- JaggerG Phantom Hourglass 1a-7a

Saturday- Local Minish Cap 7a-10a

Saturday- Bear A Link to the Past 10a-2p

Saturday- Hoover Ocarina of Time 2p-11p

Saturday/Sunday- Britt Majora’s Mask 11p-6a

Sunday- JaggerG Spirit Tracks  6a-12pm

Sunday- Tyler Wind Waker 12pm-10pm

Sunday/Monday- Baltes Oracle of Seasons 10pm -2am

Monday- JaggerG Oracle of Ages 2am-6am

Monday- Ruju, Bear,Baltes  4 Swords 6am-10am

Monday- Phil Twilight Princess- 10am-6pm

Monday/Tuesday- Rob Ocarina of Time 6pm-3am

Tuesday- Phil, Britt, Baltes JaggerG Skyward Sword 3am-6pm




Friday 6pm-9pm Chase

Friday 9pm-12am Tyler


Saturday 12am-3am Ruju

Saturday 3am-6am Phil

Saturday 6am-9am Rust

Saturday 9am-12pm Britt

Saturday 12pm-3pm Baltes

Saturday 3pm-6pm Chase

Saturday 6pm-9pm Ruju

Saturday 9pm-12am Tyler


Sunday 12am-3am  Baltes

Sunday 3am-6am Travis

Sunday 6am-9am Rust

Sunday 9am-12pm Ana & Toast

Sunday 12pm-3pm Phil

Sunday 3pm-6pm Britt

Sunday 6pm-9pm Ruju

Sunday 9pm-12am Chase


Monday 12am-3am Rob

Monday 3am-6am Rust

Monday 6am-9am 4 Swords Crew (Bear, Baltes, Ruju)

Monday 9am-12pm  4 Swords Crew (Bear, Baltes, Ruju)

Monday 12pm-3pm  Tyler

Monday 3pm-6pm Britt (Raffle)


Monday 6pm-9pm Chase

Monday 9pm-12am Baltes


Tuesday 12am-3am Tyler

Tuesday 3am-6am

Tuesday 6am-9am Travis

Tuesday 9am-12pm Ana & Toast

Tuesday 12pm-3pm Bear

Tuesday 3pm-6pm Ruju

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  1. Lol, he’s so cautious about the times. If anyone does go over, I guarantee some of the games are gonna get us back on track and balance it out.

    Hopefully the set-up can stall us enough to maintain the schedule as close as possible :^P

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