Kinect Sports Review

The Kinect’s debut was rough, but it continued to stay strong throughout the course of its birth. Kinect Sports launched with the Kinect in various countries back in 2010. Does it have what it takes to be a success or is it flopping around like a fish out of water?


Kinect Sports features a compilation of sports. It boasts events such as Bowling, Boxing, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Soccer. The games are played by standing in front of the Kinect sensor, which works well with one or two players. It’s recommended that only two people be in front of the Kinect at a time.  The games only require two people. If more than two are playing, then the majority of the games will have a taking turn motion.



The controls of the of the games work very well and are easy to understand. Players will use their arms or legs, usually in some sort of specific movement or running nature, to control an Xbox Avatar. A couple of the games’ controls don’t seem to work so well when there are two people playing at the same time. An example would be blocking in the Boxing game. The player is supposed to hold their arms up in a specific way to execute a block, which wouldn’t work half the time when I played. After a while it seemed like the Kinect was having more trouble figuring out that I had my arms raised to continue to the game. It could be a number of things, such as a lighting issue, but the Kinect does hold up well in low light situations.

The majority of the games only take a few minutes to complete, depending on difficulty, while a few of them are much longer. It features single player, cooperative and online multiplayer game modes. There’s no changes from local to online, you’ll either play on a team, or against each other.



Aside from the main six sports, it contains eight mini-games based on the main six. They feature new twists or modes of play, such as bowling with two balls to constantly hurl them to knock pins down within a set time. The title also features a Party Mode that allows for more people to join in. They pick a mascot, and they split into two teams. Everyone then takes turns completing different sports for points.  It allows for more than two people to play, even though only one or two would be in front of the Kinect at a time.

Playing the Kinect is physical work, so it’s advised to take breaks every once in a while. Otherwise you’ll end up sore the next day, if you over do it. Come to think of it, I think the Xbox tells you to take a break.


Kinect Sports was a lot more fun than I expected. I didn’t have a hate for the Kinect, I was just skeptical about it. Spending an entire afternoon playing games like Kinect Sports, Just Dance 3, Gunstringer and free downloads from Kinect Fun Labs, really showed me what the Kinect is capable of, and how well the Kinect will work with large groups of friends or family. It may not be enough on their own to warrant a purchase, but it helps. Kinect Sports is a must have for any Kinect owner. It brings a nice variety of fun, and gives a good work out for friends and family members. It makes Wii Sports look like a hack job.

Score: 8.0
out of 10


  • Great fun with friends and family
  • Provides a work out


  • Kinect motion sensing may go off at times
  • If excessively played, players may experience soreness

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