Mighty Switch Force Review

WayFoward has been at the forefront of making beautiful and fun 2D games for years now. Ever since gaining popularity with Shantae on the Game Boy Color, they have been unstoppable. Mighty Switch Force is the third entry in a series of titles WayForward has been releasing for Nintendo’s downloadable services and it is also the first of those titles to arrive for 3DS. With some interesting mechanics that led to some pretty challenging later stages, Mighty Switch Force is a great start for downloadable 3DS games.


Mighty Switch Force is essentially a run and gun platformer. You jump between platforms and shoot enemies while searching the stages for six hot lady prisoners that escaped your police transport. Once you find them all, a giant robot appears in the stage. Once you find him,  he then flies you into the air to the next stage.

What makes this Mighty Switch Force interesting is the use of a switch button. There are various types of blocks that you can switch from the foreground to the backround. When they are in the background, you can move through them. When they are in the foreground, you can stand on them. There are other types of blocks too, such as a block that launches you when you switch it while standing in front of it and ones that won’t switch while you are standing on them. Mighty Switch Force puts all of this to good use requiring some tight platforming where you have to switch mid air as well as enemies you can only kill by switching a block while they are in front of it.


The 2D art in Mighty Switch Force definitely lives up to the usual WayForward standards. Enemies animate fluidly and everything is very bright and colorful. On top of the fantastic sprites and animations is that it all looks great in 3D. WayFoward layered the major 2D planes, giving the game a sense of depth that you don’t normally get from a 2D game.

I have pretty much been listening to the track “Love You Love You Love You” from the Mighty Switch Force OST for a week now. The music is catchy, fun, and complements the style of the game perfectly. The audio design is also great and generally gives a happy vibe that goes right along with the graphics and gameplay.


Mighty Switch Force is a great addition to 3DSWare and hopefully a sign of things to come as far as good downloadable games appearing on the service. With Pushmo and Mighty Switch Force the service seems to finally have come to a decent start. Mighty Switch Force provides a challenging and fun platformer that’s only six bucks. I cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for games to play on your 3DS.

Score: 8.75
out of 10


  • Fantastic art and great 3D
  • Super catchy music
  • Fun and challenging platforming


  • The later stages can get a little bit frustrating
  • It doesn’t do anything particularly new


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