Post Marathon Thoughts

What a great event! Best ever? Quite possibly. I cannot thank the community enough for the job they did during our marathon. Promotion, activity, energy, you guys had it all. We are just shy of raising $20,000 for Rocking H Ranch. Right now we stand at $19,700 but you are still able to donate.  We thought our goal of $15,000 would be hard to achieve, but just a couple of hours in we knew it was was going to happen. We could not have done it without our great promoters and all of our friends from around the internet who showed up  help push us to our goal. A special thanks to Fangamer for their continued support and amazing prize donations.  Also, thank you to the indie gaming devs and teams that supplied us with their games for giveaways; Team Meat, Humble Indie Bundle, Super Giant Games and Indie Royale.

I’m going to start work on a retrospective video like I typically do after our big events. Look for it to be posted within the week on our youtube channel. Be sure to sign up to forums if you have not already.

Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming events. We look forward this summer (June) to putting on a great event for ACT Today and also to catching all the Pokemon.

21 thoughts on “Post Marathon Thoughts”

  1. Defenatly such a good marathon congratulations are in order for the team for getting through. Hope to enjoy the next marathon and the Pokémon in June

  2. One of the best marathons to date, I agree completely! We had it all this month, and this marathon brought a lot of shine to TSG. I surely had fun watching and participating. 😀

    I’m really looking forward to the 2012 year, and also Pokemon in the Summer.

  3. Awesome marathon again! It was said if we reach 20,000 we’ll find out next winters marathon, if we reach it now after the marathon is done will it be too late?

    Also this marathon convinced me to join the forums so i’ll be around from now. 😀

  4. The Speedgamers are an awesome group! I can’t tell ya’ll how impressed I am with your work and dedication! The world needs more folks like you doing good works for others! Your donations are going to bring smiles to so many kids that our charities help! Blessings to you all. WOW!, YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK!!!


    Lots of fun. Very inviting group. Thank you for letting me attend. And you donators rocked.

  6. I’ve been viewing these marathons since Final Fantasy back in my WoW days and dang guys have you blown me up and out of the water! The latest marathon felt fresh and interesting with something happening every hour; from NCS’ 1k donation, Toast and Ana reading fan-fiction, and my favorite, the near-death of Rob, you guys have put on a marathon worthy of applause:

    I’ve donated the most I’ve ever donated, and even though I didn’t win a single thing, I’m proud of where my hard-earned money has went, absolutely spot-on marathon TSG, have a wonderful holiday everyone, can’t wait to see what you churn up next year!

  7. This marathon was my first marathon from you guys, and it was absolutely amazing! I watched as much as I could, even while getting ready for school! I had no motivation to get up this morning because the marathon was over, haha.
    I loved all the energy and pranks, and you guys overall made my weekend amazing. I even decided to donate myself! I’m glad it will be going to a good cause, and I will most definitely be sticking around!

  8. 🙁 I was only around for Saturday night, Sunday morning, and some of the extension yesterday, but I can well say I enjoyed every second of it. It honestly pains me to think I was barely around to pitch it until the extension, but oh well. I’ll just need to pick up the slack next marathon! Thank you for everything you do, Britt, and also all of the others of the TSG crew for such great weekends/weeks!

  9. I absolutely loved this marathon, gotta say my 2 favorite parts were robs near death experience with the hot sauce, and the navicopter attack on hoover, not to mention tylers shifts were hilarious as usual

  10. It impresses me every time to see everyone’s dedication throughout each marathon. Even through exhaustion, you can sometimes catch glimpses of additional planning mid-marathon. They make it look so easy on camera, but holy crap do plans tend to change constantly. It’s kinda funny, because more people theoretically means more availability, but apparently, it also means more chaos from all the schedules to consider. So as preventative measures, regulations are formed, but being bound to regulations results in less flexibility.

    But this marathon turned out great! A practically seamless balance of planning and improvising. I’m so grateful to all of our supporters, including Rocking H Ranch for their excellent hospitality.

    Also, big thanks to the runners I studied off of, such as Greenalink, Tompa, MSico, AlanEdgeHead, and once again apparently, MilesSMB.

  11. Aw man, how did I miss this…

    This was such an amazing marathon and I’m still in post-marathon depression. I’m so glad I caught it all.

    Can’t wait for the next one~

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