TheSpeedGamers Community GOTY 2011 Video Reveal

It was a month in the making, but here’s the video revealing your choices for Game of the Year. I’m hoping to do this again next year, but done better so yes, any problems you see or have seen, I’ll most likely address them next year. Fifteen people voted, over sixty games were slimmed down to just ten! Who won? Jump in to find out! ((Spoilers: It wasn’t Duke Nukem Forever))

On a personal note, after the break, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has given me support since I’ve started writing for the site, as well as Luigi and Spectre. The comments and the feedback does make it feel nice to write stuff, and I hope you’ll keep me around for 2012. Without any further ado, here’s the video – enjoy!

11 thoughts on “TheSpeedGamers Community GOTY 2011 Video Reveal”

    1. I’d have to guess that a majority of the 15 voters are from the North American region, so they won’t get to play Xenoblade Chronicles until April.

      So expect to see it on the GOTY 2012 list

  1. Arkham City not in the top 3? I loved Black and White but Batman is way better. I guess it came down to more people playing Black and White compared to Arkham City

    1. More people having played it… and a thing called opinions as well. 😛 Arkham City definitely seems to be a well put together game, but it’s not my type of game/genre, so I never ended up picking it up and not really sure if I ever will (because even if I did, I’d probably never get around to actually playing it, like how I still haven’t gotten around to playing Arkham Asylum).

      And even if I did play it, because it’s not my type of game, there’s no real way I’d put it above Black/White, unless instead of ranking my list by how much I personally enjoyed them, I try to come up with some system for ranking the quality of games objectively instead and used that, which would have been silly, because it was hard enough to rank my own preferences and would be next to impossible for ranking games that crosses platforms and genres.

      ANYWAY, ended up enjoying this. The list really wasn’t what I expected it to end up being (like I mentioned on the forums, Ghost Trick actually managing to sneak in there really surprised me) and even amongst the AAA stuff, the order of it surprised me a bit (was expecting something like Ocarina of Time 3D, Portal 2, or Pokemon Black/White to actually end up with the top spot, but the actual winner still works), which is good, ’cause it’s nice to be surprised by these things sometimes. The actual video was put together nicely as well. Looking forward to doing this again later this year.

  2. Awesome! I’m really stoked Ghost Trick made the list, such an awesome game. I can’t believe I didn’t include Portal 2 on mine though…that was silly of me!

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