Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Poison Pokemon Painting!

Hey-o! As you all know, I made a post in the forums about a neat store where where you might find some prospective prizes for the Pokémon marathon! Thanks to Daskichan for posting about it on the TSG Twitter account! However, there are even more awesome prizes in the works, some of which you can’t find in any shop! What do I mean? Well read on…


What’s this? Well, I’ve been asking around, and I managed to wrangle some awesome artists to donate prize art for the marathon! Some are doing posters, others are doing art cards, but all are doing amazing art for a great cause! Here we have a photo of a neat work in progress: a rad Poison-Type Pokémon painting by Icarus, creator of the sci-fi webcomic Inhuman! When this thing’s colored, you all are going to flip out, trust me.

“OH MY GOD I WANT THAT! I WANT TO SEE IT BEING MADE! I DON’T WANT TO WAIT!” I agree! And Icarus has helpfully put up a gallery of in-progress photos, so you can follow along! Keep checking back, because it’s real fun to see art as it’s being created! Also be sure to thank Icarus for all this hard work! You can leave comments on the gallery, so why not hop on over and show some gratitude? I know I’m going to show it right now!


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    my schedule this weekend is to finish up my own comic and then paint the pkmn poison thing, starting with pokemon in the back (like the nidoqueen and king and gengar and stuff) and work my way forwards. WE WILL SEE HOW IT WILL GO

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