Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Rhythm Heaven series is from the small and strange corner of Nintendo responsible for the WarioWare games and other oddities. The series’ roots were on the GBA, but the first on to the western market was the DS sequel. While all three games have a lot in common, Rhythm Heaven Fever feels much more like a proper sequel to the GBA game in that it uses button inputs rather than motion controls or a touch screen. It also improves on the formula with more interesting visuals and music.


The gameplay in Rhythm Heaven is as simple as it has been since the first game in the series. Tap the A button or squeeze A and B on the beat in over 40 mini-games and 10 Remixes there are some extra mini-games, endless games, and toys but they require you to superb a lot of the base mini-games. These games feature small and often abstract or absurd vignettes such as a watch run by monkeys high fiving or a squad of cheer leaders cheering on students studying at the library. The simplicity of the controls does not make the game easy, however. The beats are often odd and get more and more complex and out of the ordinary as you move on. On top of that, the game will often obscure your vision and make you rely only on the music to pass a stage.


Unlike the prior games in the series the music in Rhythm Heaven Fever is generally more robust. In the prior entries in the Rhythm Heaven series the music felt like it was mostly there to train you to know the beat without it. While in Rhythm Heaven Fever there are several songs I like to hear even outside of the game such as Bossa Nova and the Air Rally song.


Graphically Rhythm Heaven Fever shares the clean look of the WarioWare games. Solid colors, black lines, and goofy characters doing absurd or abstract things. It is generally funny or cool to look at, and looks fantastic even in standard definition. I can’t even imagine how crisp this game might look in high definition.


Overall, Rhythm Heaven Fever is a more robust game than either of its predecessors in style and music. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the GBA one. Timing based rhythm mini-games that require precision to complete. As far as rhythm games of this type go, this is the best one on the market available, but you need to be prepared to fail and retry the mini-games repeatedly.

Score: 9.0

out of 10


  • Classic rhythm gameplay
  • Beautiful visuals and great music
  • Fun and quirky style
  • Easy to play for 15 minutes or several hours
  • Simple controls


  • Difficult learning curve
  • Harsh difficulty

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  1. I didn’t know anything about this game until like two days after it came out, but after seeing you stream it a few times, I definitely plan on buying it now. It looks like a game that I could start playing and end up losing track of time. I agree on the music, a lot of it is really catchy (Air Rally and Bossa Nova are some of my favorites, too). Good review!

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