On Local’s Mind: “…Donkey Kong”

I’ve been helping with TSG for 4 years now. Crazy, I know. We’ve come so far from the days of our little blogspot site. It’s nice to reflect and realize you’ve had a ton of fun while also getting to helping people. It hasn’t always been easy; there have definitely been some rough times. I can safely say that 99% of it has been great, though. Here’s to four more fun and charitable years! Here’s a funny video to commemorate. Now onto business…

Background stream

This week I had planned on testing out hosting a background stream for TSG Present! This turned out to be a bit more difficult than previously thought. For the commercials, We run an auto-typer program on an old Dell XPS laptop that is on 24/7. My idea was to also host the stream off of it too. The gigantic single core, 1gb RAM laptop was choking while running Chrome and XSplit. I guess that’s a no go for now. If anyone has a computer available to be used as a host, contact me.

Q: What information would you like to see in this background stream? e.g. stream schedule, time, upcoming marathon…

New Shirts

With a little help from some Georgia friends, namely Kmmgreen, we plan to start testing out screen printing our own shirts in the near future. This should lead to dramatic quality improvement and maybe even lower costs. Should be an exciting time for TSG. Hell, who knows maybe we’ll be another Fangamer.

Q: Would you rather see a reprint (if so, of which design) or a new design altogether?

All the volunteers!

I’m thinking about adding more specified positions to help out the workload more. For example a podcast editor for the TSG and Community podcasts. That’s not the only position. Maybe a secretary to keep track of these different department meetings and reminding us about them. Man, not too long ago I had 3 meetings with different TSG departments in one day. It was intense and at one point I forgot which group I was talking to and almost blurted out another group’s talking point.

Q: What TSG segments or features of yore have you noticed fall under the radar that you would like to see return?

Dedicated shows

We want to bring back more dedicated shows like Minecraft Monday, but I’m unclear on the community turnout. Right now only about a max of 30 of you turn out for any given show. Will that number also correlate to the same number for participation? Generally speaking it doesn’t. People are watching because they want to watch and/or communicate with the host. If they wanted to be playing, they would be playing. That’s my rationale anyway, as pessimistic as it is.

Q: What do you think it would take for more of the community to watch the streams?

Pokemon Marathon

The marathon is coming up on us fast and I have a couple ideas to try out this time, if I can get around to making them. The only one I’m going to mention is to have a automatically updated checklist viewable on the streaming site. We tried this before while Gwellin was around, but at that time we were on a shared server and it was using up my allotted resources. Britt and the team inhouse will be able to click to easily mark a pokémon as caught, and that change will then be reflected to the audience. We’ll have to test this out beforehand, because it might help to just stream the checklist instead to save on resources. The rest I’m going to save until I can talk to Britt and pound them out. The format will look the same as the previous marathon, sponsors at the bottom and the streaming provider switcher. Those seemed to go over really well. I may work on a mix and match system so you can have the twitch video and the ustream chat.

Q: What kind of ideas would you like to see implemented for the Pokémon Marathon?

9 thoughts on “On Local’s Mind: “…Donkey Kong””

    1. If there was trouble with just streaming the schedule and music in the background he’ll definitely not be able to stream Replay.
      Maybe if there’s a better dedicated streaming computer?

  1. The checklist from the first marathon was something that was sorely missed in subsequent ones, and applaud its triumphant return. So happy that the “UPDATE POKEMON COUNT PLZ” spam is going to go away, too.

  2. just wanna say i love these new local update posts. also i agree fully with more jobs like podcast editors and secretarys, i remember seeing on twitter daski editing a podcast and had taken out an 1 hour and a half of just noises and pauses and still wasnt done and i think the deal about having specific days and other things related with low viewer count on ttv is just the stupid chat and everything refusing to load every time i’ve wanted to watch lately i would rage quit before it would load, it seemed like the one day britt was playing realm of the mad god though it was getting pretty high maybe after having set days it’ll increase

    also can we get a layout thing so it makes the stream for the pokemon marathon a giant pokedex @.@ that’d be cool

  3. I’ve said this several times before, but not publicly. I’m thinking some kind of store front to allow people to ‘buy’ the pokemon names for donations.

  4. In the means of New shirts, I personally would like to see new designs. It is a new revivial for the store, and having new and improved content will bring in interested buyers. There’s no wrong in creating more new designs!

    As for “Officer” titles to handle many duties, that are especially laying down hard on Daski’s shoulders, I would say a Secretary would definitely be a good idea. Keeping people on the loop and informed. Communication is well needed, and it gets work done. And finding the right person for it makes it a plus. So I say go for it!

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