Early Donations for Pokemon Starters and Trainers

You can now donate to ACT Today to reserve a name for a trainer and/or starter for our upcoming Pokemon marathon.  Trainers will cost $25 and starters $50 with a character limit of 10. The donate button is on the  right hand side of the webpage. After you donate you will have the option to leave a comment which is where you can write  the name of the trainer or Pokemon you want and its nickname. Underneath the donation button you  can see which trainers and starter Pokemon are still available to name. If for some reason two people donate around the same time and the Pokemon or starter is taken, we will have to move your nickname to another Pokemon or starter. We will email you to work out what you would like to switch to.

If you are not able to leave a comment after you donate, send an email to comments@thespeedgamers.com.


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